Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I know this is incredibly vague, but I've had a lot on my mind lately and it's really bogging me down.

The devil is just so...evil. Captain Obvious, huh? Anyway, he's really good at knowing exactly how to turn my thoughts negative in nearly every aspect of my life. I've been feeling it for the past few weeks, but it really hit hard today, despite the fact that I had the whole day off with my sweet, although still somewhat sickly, husband. I need to get reconnected with what's really important. I feel it would be really good for me to actually start DOING some of the things I've set before myself, but I think a hefty dose of prayer will probably be the best catalyst. I think once I start getting answers and seeing results of my actions that I'll be much more at peace.

I crave it.

There is some tough stuff a-brewin'. My mind is reeling and my throat is hurting thinking of so many things. I'm just not in a super great place right now (mentally, physically, spiritually) and I need change. My main problem is this: I feel helpless. So, if you're one who prays, perhaps you could consider adding my vague problems to your prayers?


  1. Done. I hope this rough spell is short for you...peace be with you:)

  2. Hey Al. Im pretty sure we are the same person. I have been extremely heavy as of late, too. Can we have a much needed phone date soon? I really miss you. <3