Saturday, February 8, 2014

Surprise, Celebration, Blessing

Surprise friends!

It's really difficult to read in the picture above, but the news is we're expecting Baby Oprie #2 at the very end of summer! We had decided that we weren't going to necessarily prevent pregnancy, and I've sworn to never take any hormonal birth control again, but we were both pretty surprised when the pregnancy test I took on a whim was actually positive! We had an ultrasound earlier this week to let us know how far along I am in pregnancy since we had no idea when this little babe came to be because of my crazy lady cycle and a poor memory. It's still early, as I'm currently 8.5 weeks pregnant, but it was exhilarating to yet again see the tiniest little heart flickering on that ultrasound screen.

I can already tell this pregnancy will fly by much quicker than the first since I have Eleanor to look after. Also, you truly do start showing earlier with subsequent pregnancies. I already feel the need to use a rubber band on my jeans and my constant hunger hasn't helped anything! It's incredibly difficult to grow one child while still feeding another!

Our first two children will be 16 months apart. Its crazy and it's beautiful. I told Phillip I'm going to try not to get pregnant in 2015 :)