Sunday, October 30, 2011

Concert: Avett Brothers

Don't you just love Phill's face? Haha

Opening act: Jessica Lee Mayfield

Jessica Lee Mayfield

My favorite hipsters from the concert


Yes. This is real life.

I considered making these pictures larger, but I figured it would take approximately 18,078,314 years to scroll to the bottom of the page. For some reason Blogger is being impossible and won't let me upload the videos I recorded at the concert. Stupid computers. Stupid websites. Trust me. It was such a spectacular concert.

These brothers put on a real show.

A Sick Day: Margot & Me

Welp. The sickness saga continues. More of the same. I felt kinda icky {yeah, icky} at work last Monday, but not too terrible at all and I felt pretty much normal by bedtime. However, when I woke up for work on Tuesday I felt way worse, but it was too late to call in. I went in to work and went home sick by 9:30 {they told me I should just call in late if I'm sick}. Wednesday was better, but I still felt ill. Thursday and Friday were fine!

Then I went to bed on Friday and all hell broke loose. I was SO SICK. Moaning in bed, up sick so much {as a nurse I feel I can share all details, but I'm realizing that real-life people do not agree with me}, and absolutely no sleep. None. And then I went to work! Fun! Obviously, I considered calling in, but I really needed to work! Mama gotta pay those bills. Truth be told, it really did suck and I was so blessed to have an easy load.

Unfortunately, last night was little better than the night before, so I knew I just couldn't press my luck at work again. So here I am. Home. Still feeling crappy. I do think {maybe? hopefully?} I'm on the mend, though. I'm feeling so guilty calling in sick today. I mean, I was just off nearly a full day last Tuesday for this same thing! I definitely need my hours because I'm fresh out of PTO. Plus, this is a lot of time I'm being taken away from work and possibly causing scheduling conflicts.

Oh well. Roll with the punches, right? Here are some sick day Photobooth pics of my precious pup and my {ever so disgusting and pudge-faced} self.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'll be posting about our SPECTACULAR concert last Friday {yeah, I'm really behind} hopefully later today =)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn in Arizona

Whilst on my commute to work for a class this morning, I couldn't help but feel robbed, jipped, ripped off, denied, & conned out of AUTUMN. I know all the rest of you in the throws of Autumnal weather are all, "Shut your mouth you lucky biotch with your countless sunny days and lovely temps!". I get it. BUT! I can't help but miss it. Plus, my wardrobe is pretty limited when anything that covers you up is off limits. I'm tired of shorts, and I'd like to throw some tights under my dresses, thank you very much.

*Not Autumn in Arizona

For now, I'll just continue to fake it by drinking loads of apple cider, burning pumpkin and harvest scented candles, and {if the hubs allows at least for a little bit} keeping the apartment cool enough so I can wear sweats and cuddle up with Margot. Oh yeah, and cuddle with Phill, too, sure. =)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And We're Back

Sorry for the MIA blog status as of late. First, there was nothing super interesting or inspiring to discuss. Then, it got crazy!

Phillip's family flew into town Thursday night and we've pretty much been going, going, going ever since. Friday we trekked around town showing them the area. Saturday we went to the Grand Canyon!

What a little cutie, right?

See the Colorado River?


Then, I found my dream car in the parking lot


Since then, we kept busy with church on Sunday, work yesterday and then dinner. Today, I had to leave work early due to feeling, ahem, pretty shitty and stuff...if you catch my drift. When I came home I slept all the way until Phillip came home early because he was feeling gross, too! It's a down day for the Opries. 
Tomorrow I have a class at work in the morning and then I'm planning on going to the STATE FAIR (!!!) with the fam while Phill's at work. I'm totally jazzed about it so I hope I'm feeling 100% better in the morning!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Like A Boss


Not to toot my own horn or anything {except that's basically what I'm about to do}, but I've been a pretty rockin' wife lady as of late. Cooking like a boss. Working out like a boss. Working in general like, you guessed it, a boss. The weather has already creeped back up {BOO!}, but when it was cooler this past weekend, I decided to finally run outside. Our apartment complex is right along the wash that has trails running all along down through it, making it super convenient for runners, walkers, and bikers.

It was so awesome. I want it to cool down again so I can keep exercising outside. I had such a powerful, awesome God-moment on that run. It was the day I was feeling down and something between the combination of my tunes, the beauty of the outdoors, and my adrenaline really brought it on. I'm glad no one was around at that exact moment because they would have thought I was for shizzle a crazy lady all crying and running yet smiling...

This morning I picked up another shift giving flu shots. This time it was at a retirement community so the old people came out in full force. We gave 86 vaccines in 4 hours! I actually didn't give any of the vaccines. My job was to help people make sure their paperwork was filled out correctly because those sweet old folk apparently have issues reading directions.

After the clinic and lunch I went to the gym for my regular workout...only today I totally owned {like a boss} and opted for the treadmill instead of the elliptical and ran 6+ miles! I'm really wanting to work on my running and I'm so proud of my progress today, even if it was indoors. Thank you Kim Kardashian and your fantasy wedding for taking forever.

As far as cooking, I've been going to town full-force and loving it! Here are some things I've made:
Chicken Parmesan, for Phillip, of course

Making seitan!

Successful seitan with ketchup and jalepeno mustard. This was so easy and even Phill was agreeable to eat it!
Then, today I whipped up some PUMPKINBREADFROMTHEHEAVENSTHANKYOUGRANDMACARMIENIT'SSODAMNGOOD plus a new pizza recipe with a cauliflower-mozzarella crust and another cauliflower dish with a special sauce.

Woot for productivity!

EDIT: After talking myself up so much I find it necessary to also inform everyone that I basically ate an entire loaf of pumpkin bread this evening. FAIL.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

He's on Our Side

It was hard for me to get up today. Just one of those days, you know? Typically, I would be going to Saturday service for church tonight, especially since I'm working tomorrow, but instead I decided to listen to a sermon I'd missed from a couple weekends ago. I'd been told it's a good one that can really get to ya. 

I think I was told correctly. 

I started taking notes like it was my job, so I decided I would share with the blogosphere whether you like it or not :-)  I apologize for being so wordy. 

P.S.-You can hear the whole thing here


How we achieve being more like Jesus and the walls we'll hit along the way

Wall #1-Disillusionment

Daniel 3
Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego

v.13 Nebakanezer "furious with rage..."
v15 "Then what God will be able to save you from my hands?"

S, M, & A had every right to be angry with God. It would easy for them to become disillusioned due to their faithfulness.

"What comes into our minds when we think about God, is the most important thing about us"--A.W. Tozer

They knew their God was sovereign and demanded uncompromising devotion.

v.16 "...we do not need to defend ourselves before you...the God we serve is able to save us from it..."

How did they know? They knew from all the stories they'd heard throughout their childhood from the OT of all the ways the LORD had delivered.

Do you know that God can save? Not just the God of the OT, but the God of today. Do you know?

**God saves--YES or NO (This is between you and God)
Perhaps you've heard it, but you don't really know! It's ok.

These guys knew.

v.18 "...but even if he does not..." In other words, they were telling Nebakanezer it's not his decision whether we die today. GOD IS IN CONTROL.

In the book of Acts, James and Peter are both arrested and imprisoned and people are praying for their release. Do you remember what happens?

Peter miraculously released. James beheaded. God was in control of both situations.
God causes some things and allows some things, but He is in control of all things.

**God is in absolute control--YES or NO

In v.18 S, M, & A are saving even if He doesn't save us, we still won't bow because we know our God demands and deserves uncompromising devotion.

Hebrews 11:6 "Without faith it is impossible to please God."
Remember Abraham and Isaac?
Joseph thrown into prison? For all he knew he was going to rot in prison! He didn't know how the story was going to end.
David when he was running from Saul.
Mary when Gabriel told her of the situation, there was certainly a part of Mary that recognized the slander she would face.


**God deserves uncompromising devotion--YES or NO

When we look at these 3 men, we think "WOW these guys have amazing faith!" Not necessarily so. Perhaps they had a little faith and a great God.These men knew the served  a GREAT GOD!

God isn't looking for people with great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him.

Revisit this often, especially if you marked 'no' anywhere because you're struggling with disillusionment Wrestle, struggle, and pray on this. "If you seek Me you will find Me".

Romans 8 "If God is for us, who can be against us?" If you wrote 'no' somewhere, God is for you.

The God of the universe is on your side.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today Is For...

  • Sleeping in
  • Breaking out the leggings again because it's not too hot!
  • Unexpected sweet $1 tag sale at Goodwill
  • Yelling at noisy dogs {oy vey!}
  • Trying out new liquid eyeliner
  • FIRST BIKE RIDE OF THE SEASON! It's about to happen. I'll take pics :-)
  • Grey's Anatomy,  Parks and Recreation, The Office, Jersey Shore {don't judge!}
*EDIT: I did not take bike ride pics. I didn't want to lug the camera with me while working it hard core! It was amazing being outside, though!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Changing Seasons

You guys.

Phoenix is so perfect right now. Sunny {duh}, breezy, and the temps have dropped to a blissful level. We're talking, my windows are open, fans are blowing and relaxing has never been so easy. The sad bit...apparently it won't last too long. Next week = warmer, but it'll go back down!

Today, it's me and the dogs again. We've got Henry patrol and the two pups are back to their old antics.

Margot gives so much sass. 

Also, check out my lovely bruise as it has evolved since the initial injury on Sunday. I say "initial injury" because, obviously, I keep hitting the same spot over and over now. 

Happy Hump Day!