Monday, August 29, 2011

End of Sedona, Beginning of Vacation #2!

View from our balcony anniversary dinner

I love him so much. I am such a blessed woman.
Jerome, AZ aka "The Hills Have Eyes". Ok, only joking.

Studly McGee. He's MINE, ladies.

"What's up? I've been sweating for 9 weeks straight!"

Inside a kaleidoscope! Isn't this awesome?

Tuzigoot National Monument

Wiping sweat from my face

In other news...

All you Indiana friends and family, I hope to see you all at the party on Thursday! 
Check the Facebook event for more details :-)

Plus, there's this lovely video!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sedona Trip-A Happy Anniversary

I'm so excited to finally share some of the legitimate photographs taken while on vacation in Sedona. Looking through these pictures brings back those very happy times between just the two of us. My husband is so special in every way. He thinks I'm a decent golfer {I'm not} and he kept his facial hair just to tickle my fancy {even though he hates it}. I'm so blessed to be married to this man. Not only does he put up with my all sorts of crazy, but he does it without complaining...ever.

3 years? Psh. I'll take 41,284 more...but I'll just be a bag of bones by then.


Check out those white legs!

Ahhh golfing :-)

Slide Rock!

When Phill saw this he said something to the effect of "My wife and the hobo"

Phill has since shaved a bit, fyi. It's still there, but he's got a 5 o'clock shadow sort of thing going now. Man, I just cannot get over how wonderful and beautiful our trip was.

Also, please enjoy these videos from our visit to Slide Rock. Yes, I am a punk-ass wife.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation Update #4 + My {not-so-worthwhile} Day

This is the final installment of Sedona iPhone photos. Promise. I've been putting off posting the legitimate camera photos partly because I don't feel like editing them and partly because I'm not sure I have the storage space left on my poor lappy to even upload them all. Seriously. Actually, I can almost guarantee I do not have enough space. Poop. We'll see how it goes. {PS-Doesn't that first photo look so beautiful you'd almost think it's fake?}


Now, onto why my day has been not-so-worthwhile. So, we all know I'm a girl. Being a girl brings with it a slew of ridiculous emotions, hormonal outbursts & feelings, cravings, "disasters", and a host of other insane happenings. Today is my ridiculous "girl" response to my weekend. I worked this weekend, but that had little to do with my today.

Today I did nothing.

No, you don't understand. I was in bed until 2:30, only leaving for trips to the bathroom. Since then, all I've done is hang around the Internet.

And now here we are. So, my reasoning for feeling so morose and dwelling deeply in my self-loathing {yes, I'm entering the land of exaggerated terms}?

Answer: I ate too much

HOW MUCH OF A GIRL AM I?! Ok, don't answer that. The answer is obviously 100%. You know what I meant! I'm sad and low because I feel fat. Plain and simple. I know that I just need to dwell in this a moment longer and that later this evening, while Phill is off at his video game shindig that I will happily hop up on that eliptical and sweat off the toxins presently causing my fingers to swell.

It will be grand. My mind is currently clearing and I know I'm ridiculous for all this, but I felt I should share because Lord KNOWS you other ladies have been there! Plus, this is all about being real, right?

Right :-)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Vacation Update #3

Scenery from the Jerome/Cottonwood area and a taste of our anniversary dinner date {ps-we're a classy couple}, yet again, via iPhone! I swear legit photos are still to come.

All those trees really make you second guess that we're actually still in Arizona, huh?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Update #2; The Great Outdoors

It's no surprise to anyone that Sedona, AZ is breathtakingly awesome. We found we were particularly able to enjoy the trip now that we {especially Phill} have been hiking a lot more.

iPhone Photo Dump!

 The first 8 were all taken from our first hike at Devil's Bridge. Rightfully named, don't you think? The last photo is Montezuma's Castle. Truly fascinating stuff.

I'd like you to swing on over to our/Phill's ministry blog to view his recent video update! It's very informational and has some pretty important stuff in it this time around...not that they aren't always important...digging myself into a hole...stopping now. Please check it out HERE!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Update #1; The Trip Up

Sorry you've all been out of the blue on our lives for so long, but I'm finally updating. We got back Friday, and I had the weekend to get back into the swing of things. I was supposed to return to work today, but I actually was called off so I had an extra vacation day! It's too bad they can't give me a couple extra bonus PTO hours, though, so I could get paid for today. I figure I'll post pictures and update about our vaca in installments, ok? OKAY!

Arizona's terrain really is fascinating. One minute there are hills and cacti and the next you're surrounded by brush and flat land.