Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Lovely Valentine's Day

Oh, today was such a good day. I had the day off with my sweetheart, we crossed some errands off our imaginary errand list, I consumed a large amount of wine, and ended the day with good friends.


Our friends Sarah & Brian Drinkwine (Brian is the Youth Pastor at New Life, aka Phillip's boss) threw a Wine & Cheese Tasting Valentine's Party. It was absolutely wonderful. I may or may not still be buzzing pretty good from all the tasty wine. Mmmm. Yep, I'm a wino. 

The White Wine table on the patio

Michelle with Baby John (she's due to have her own little one in just a few weeks!)

The Red Wine table

Also, (in case you were wondering) Valentine's dinner was a success! Yay! Truthfully, Phillip took control of the Filet au Poivre, but the Tiramisu was all mine and it didn't suck. Next time, though, I'll be more mindful to use slightly less of the coffee/liqueur mixture. Lesson learned.

Filet au Poivre & Scalloped Potatoes

What did you do for Valentine's Day? Anything special? Hopefully, you had an absolutely dreamy day, regardless of your relationship status. :-)


  1. So happy you had a great Valentine's Day! Alan and I sent the kids over to the neighbor's house while we cooked dinner and ate by candlelight (with piano playing in the background during dinner and big band playing while making dinner). We danced in the kitchen and living room and it was fantastic!


  2. Aww, that sounds wonderful! I'm glad you had a good V-day!