Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Not About ME

I sit typing this while on my lunch break in the hospital's library. Last night I was feeling some pretty good anxiety about coming to work today. This is not an unusual occurrence, but sometimes it's worse than others. Sometimes, like last night, I feel this anxiety and nervousness about the impending work day ahead. Sometimes, it's no big deal; work is work. While lying in bed trying to get over it and ease into sleep I said a silent prayer to ask for peace.


When I got into work, I learned I would be floating to a different unit to work. This is my first time floating since I've been hired because now I'm past the 6 month mark. Back in Anderson, floating was a crappy, crappy thing because you just really wanted to continue to work where you're comfortable and familiar. While I was nervous to go somewhere new and unfamiliar (and an ortho floor {yuck!}), I really did not mind being away from my "home" unit.

Guess what, guys? God is wonderful. Today has been perfectly fine. Even though I'm on an ortho floor, they have patients who aren't orthopedic, too. Thank goodness they were considerate enough to assign me the medical, non-ortho patients! This unit is much smaller and calmer, too. Goodness do I love it. Less people, less beeping machines, less family/visitors, less doctors, less CRAZINESS TO SEND ME INTO A FREAK-OUT!

It's little things like easing my mind that make me really remember who's in charge. He's got it covered, guys. Don't even worry about it. Whatever is really bogging you down lately--lay it down. Talk to God; He'll know exactly how to help (even if it's not totally evident right away). I love how subtly wonderful He can be sometimes, don't you?

 Ahhh, peace.

(She would not cooperate)

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