Sunday, November 11, 2012


It feels like a lot of change has taken place in this little life of mine lately. I moved out of my grandpa's house into my parent's house while we're still house searching. It sounds pretty awful thinking "I live with my parents", but it doesn't really feel that awful at all. I'm sure Phillip will have a slightly different feeling about it, though. :-) 

I've still been a bit on edge with little Baby O, too. My midwife informed me last week that while all the rest of my initial lab work results were normal, my progesterone is low. I was given the choice to do nothing (as many practitioners do) or supplement the progesterone. Phill and I agreed that if there is an option of something we can do to correct this potential problem, we should do it. So, starting last Monday I'm now doing twice a week intramuscular (IM) injections at home. I'm glad I'm a nurse because, no offense, but I don't think the average person could handle the drawing up of the medication, switching needles, maintaining a clean technique, and actually administering the medication. It's not for the faint of heart. The worst part, though, is my incredibly sore thigh the next day (and the day after...)! If you see me out and about walking funny, it's likely because I'm one sore lady. It's all worth it, though, if it means we'll have a healthy newborn in the end.

It's hard to remain optimistic and think of an actual newborn being the end result of all this. I feel like it's been a lot of walking on eggshells, not knowing whether all is well. When I noticed the spotting, it scared me, but I didn't get too worked up because I knew it could very well be nothing. While the same could be possible with my low progesterone, it was a much harder blow because this was concrete evidence that something was not up to par. I told my mom and Phill that I was still hesitant to buy baby things while there still seems to be some uncertainty. I'm presently 15.5 weeks along, but I don't feel as confident in my pregnancy as I would have expected at this point.

The silver lining to this all is that my long lost husband is returning TOMORROW. I've been excited all day thinking about it, but just now typing it out I got a little emotional. He's been gone for 6 WEEKS YOU GUYS! I'm not even sure what more to say other than I am so incredibly thankful to have him in my life and I'm so thankful he's returning to me tomorrow!

This is rather embarrassing, but I guess I forgot to mention that I had a birthday last Monday. Day one of the injections marked the 26th year of this old bird's life. I know 26 is certainly not old, but there's some chunk of my brain that screams "HOLY BEJESUS YOU IS OLD!". Meh. I'll get used to it, I'm sure.

Here's wishing you all a healthy and happy week before Thanksgiving!

**My apologies for the boring non-photo post. Apparently my computer is so low on memory and storage space that I can't even upload one photo. Either that (which is still totally true) or my iPhoto is screwy. Sorry!