Monday, January 31, 2011

Gift Cards are Great

I swear I'm not a vain woman, but I really did take another picture of my outfit tonight. I think it's just because I'm SO PLEASED with my recent great thrifting success. Tonight, I wore the 2nd of 4 new dresses:

My favorite part is the leggings! Sometimes Walmart can surprise you. I bought two pairs of leggings, including these sweet polka dot ones, for $3 each.

I was pretty proud of this braid headband.

"Why the fancy night?" you ask? Umm...only a rad swag date night with my super hot husband. Ok, maybe we used a gift card at Red Lobster, but it's always fun to go out, even if only for super garlic biscuits.

Can you believe tomorrow is February? I know a lot of people agree that time flies, but since we've moved I'd been thinking that time actually hasn't gone by too quickly...until January. Perhaps it's just that I'm finally feeling totally normal now? Normal to be living my life here? That's my best guess, anyway.

On a totally separate note, have you heard the new rap song with the tag line "black and yellow, black and yellow"? If you're a Steelers fan, then of course you have (Brautigams). 

A bunch of jr. high kids were singing it at camp, and we heard it on the way home (I have a recent obsession with hip-hop because 99.3 is the Classic Hip-Hop radio station...AWESOME). That song is about nothing. Plus, I have no idea what "black and yellow" has to do with anything in the song. It doesn't seem to be about the Steelers. Perhaps the artist and his posse are from Pittsburgh? Maybe he just really likes the colors black and yellow? Hmmm. Yep, now I'm going to look it up.

...beep boop beep...

And the answer is...Yes, the artist, Wiz Khalifa, is from Pittsburgh. I bet you didn't expect to become up to date on current events simply by checking out my sweet blog, did you? 

You're welcome. Hehe.

But seriously....all you Midwesterners better be taking cover for all the snow that's "supposedly" coming your way! Is it crazy that I kinda wish I was there to experience it? Snow...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hmmm yes...

I'm in a post-massage bliss.

Deeply happy.

Except when my stomach started rumbling towards the end of the massage.

But who cares? I had an awesome 1-hour massage.

Consider me pleased.

I'm also so happy to be wearing one of the cute vintage dresses I bought earlier this week!
I doubt the grand total cost of this outfit would exceed $25. I know the dress was $5 and from what memory I have left I believe the belt was thrifted for $1. The tights came from Walmart a while back so the probable cost is around $2-3. The necklace was bought for about $4-5 while antiquing, the cardigan was purchased on super sale at Elder-Beerman for $3, and the shoes came from Target on sale about a year ago for maybe $15. Alright, so maybe my math isn't the greatest, but those are some pretty rocking deals, huh???

I adore thrift shopping. It's a task I generally do alone (well, with all the rest of the elderly in Sun City, anyway) to find some absolutely beautiful used gems. I have the great luck of living near an unofficial retirement town. This means, lots of beautiful (and, of course, some NOT so beautiful) vintage finds! Yay!

Happy Friday, you lovely people!

Alright, Fine. Let's Make It a 3rd.

It's probably borderline lame to post on a blog 3 times in one day when I do, in fact, have a separate full-time job and (hopefully) a life, but I just needed to say this: EVERYONE IS HAVING BABIES AND IT'S CAUSING ME ANXIETY.

I just learned today via Facebook of 2 other new pregnancies. It's beautiful. It's wonderful. It stresses me out for an unknown reason.

That is all. Thanks.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Might As Well Post It

How sweet is this pretty bird? I was thinking of incorporating the print into the blog layout but rather than shifting things around for the 3,828,739th time, I figured I would just post the little dear and give the fabulous artist the cred! I love birds. After seeing this pic I thought I'd search around for some other sweeties.
How cute are these guys?! Find them and more here.

I love this fabric from True Up. This would be cute on a little skirt, or maybe a scarf, or even child's clothing. 

Alright world. You're all probably thinking, "Why did she just write a post about birds?" Here's why: I'm a freak. I'm pretty quirky. Just love me and, well, deal   ;-) *ding

While I've been stuck inside during my bout of sickness, I've had the opportunity to find some pretty terrible trashy TV on Netflix. It's so awesome in it's terribleness. I had never heard of this show before, but apparently it's on E!

Have you heard of Pretty Wild? It's a reality show that primarily follows the lives of the 2 eldest sisters in the family, Tess and Alexis, who model and party like Hollywood elite way beyond their age all while behaving like girls several years younger. The whole time I was confused as to how old they really were so I broke down and researched to find out that Tess is 19 and Alexis is 18. Their youngest sister, Gabby, is the most normal one of the family with her lack of skank clothes, no nude or neglegie modeling, and public school. The mom may actually be the strangest one of all. She was once a model/Playmate and now she has 3 girls that she obviously forgot to raise. OH! The family is very new age. I'll never judge someone for their beliefs, but it's so interesting to see crazy wild lives on camera that, once in a while, is interrupted for a prayer to...something (someone?). It all seems rather contradictory. This is an excerpt from momma Andrea's spot on the E! website: "I am an energy healer and holistic health care practitioner with over 2000 hours of what most might consider crazy certifications in holistic and energy medicine." Yes, there is a dad. The poor guy just hardly gets any air time. He's smart. I have no idea what he does, but he's wise to make sure his face isn't on screen much.

Oh my. I just watched mom Andrea coach her daughter on sexy facial expressions all while taking naked pictures of her because "nobody has breasts like" Tess. H.O.L.Y. C.O.W.

Yes, you can judge me for continuing to watch. I don't know why I love this garbage, but my-oh-my I do.

Off & Running...

Welcome to my new blog home! I can almost guarantee I'll be changing up the format quite frequently. I was having a tough time settling on one design, one font, one color scheme when there are so many styles and colors and everything that I just love. For now, we'll settle on this one.

This week has been wild with both ups and downs.
  • Ups: Awesome Jr. High winter camp, 2 sweet days of recovery after said camp, beautiful Phoenix weather, scored 4 saaweeeeet vintage dresses while out thrifting, a phone chat with my momma, a phone chat with my Tashy, and a massage still waiting for me on Friday.
  • Downs: Totally out of nowhere, crappy sickness full of two days of, well, crap. And lots of it (over share? Sorry. The nurse in me doesn't care). I went back to work Wednesday after being off a while for camp but couldn't make it through morning report on my first patient without having to sit down due to nausea. I wanted to tough it out so I wouldn't have to go home and use PTO hours, but after a couple hours with no relief I succumbed to leave early for some R&R. Once home...crap. Even into the night I still wasn't feeling well so I had to call in sick for today, as well. At least I got to watch trashy TV on Netflix while Phill was working. Here's hoping for complete relief and a good weekend at work!
How has your week been so far? Phillip has recently informed me that it's snowing some more back home. Ahh, the Midwest. You should all come visit us and enjoy life in the Valley of the Sun. We could have a play date outdoors any day of the week!