Monday, August 27, 2012

Run Like the Wind

Ok, so I'm definitely not running like the wind, but I'm sure as hell running! I've been exercising regularly since we moved to Arizona, but most of that activity was on the eliptical in the gym of our apartment complex. When we moved back, I had no eliptical. Therefore, I took to the streets. I was running about 3-3.5 miles regularly, once a week running with an awesome running group from the 509. It was suggested that maybe some of us from the 509 running club could run a half-marathon in the near future. While I am was intimidated out of my mind, apparently I've committed to this thing. While it's not set in stone, it looks like this may all be going down around Halloween. This actually means I can cool my jets a bit! I'm so, so, so, so impressed with this body of mine. Whenever I heard of someone running long distances like that, it literally seemed impossible. Crazy hooligans.

But here I am. This body that God has provided me is capable of some pretty incredible things. I set out on my long run of the week last night and decided to push myself further than before and go ahead and run a full 10 miles. 10 miles. It's one of those things where I was already planning on 9, and I felt pretty great, so I decided to add a bit more to increase my mileage. WHO AM I?!

My self-confidence is boosted. I mean, those endorphin things are real. If anyone wants to go for a run, I'm game. Just know that I'm not speedy. I just go.

**Side note: It's been a week and the blisters are healing up nicely!

Friday, August 24, 2012


Some lively iPhone photos with my family from my amazing mama's 5 year work anniversary party. Congratulations Coach House Day Spa staff!

Life has been a little quirky lately. The big answer: we're both still job searching. We spent last week with my dear Tash and her new HUSBAND Jon (is this real life?!) in Nashville. I'd never been, so it was pretty exciting to be introduced to a new city. We've considered Nashville as a possible/potential/not-sure-if-I-can-really-handle-it place to live. Phill would likely have more opportunities in the tech/media/production job industry, we'd have some established friends in the area already, and we're only 6 hours from family. My first choice is to stay in the Huntington/Ft. Wayne area, but I know I shouldn't shelter our possibilities like that. 

So guess what? I actually have a job interview next Wednesday at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville! At this point I'm more nervous and confused than excited. It's exciting to have someone finally seek me out, but I'm just not completely sold yet. I was told that Centennial (like so many other butthead facilities) require 1 year of OB experience in order to work in their OB department, so I can't be considered for any of those positions. GIVE ME THE EXPERIENCE! Anyway, I'm interviewing for a post-op women's floor but over the phone I was told they also do post-op eye and bariatric. I don't know about all that, but I'll have the opportunity to answer all my questions at the interview. I feel that if they offer me a position I'm really in no present situation to turn it down. We wouldn't even have to move all our stuff down if we're concerned we won't love it. If we would take the risk and not love it, who says we have to stay, yaknowwhatimean?

Beside all of that craziness, Phillip and I are both really looking forward to spending Labor Day weekend with my big ol' Carmien side of the family at the family cottage in Bay View. Everyone in the above photos plus SO MANY more will be there. For the first time in a long time everyone will be there! It'll be crowded and amazing. The cottage is for sleeping, garage sales, games, food, Kilwin's, & bike rides. We'll be in the car a lot next week, but it'll be worth it.

Friday, August 10, 2012


We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary yesterday.

It didn't start so great with a literal wake up call from the hospital stating I was not selected for the job I had been interviewing for. While it really, really stinks, I kinda already knew in my gut.

It went up from there, though, with a trip to the IMA, dinner at 3 Sisters, a little stop at REI, ice cream sundaes at Ivanhoe's, and a storm to close out the night.

I love him so much. He's always been there for me and I know, with absolute certainty, that he'll continue to be here forever. He even told me last night. :-)

Saturday, August 4, 2012



Life has been more of the same lately. Phillip and I have done a lot of Olympics watching. On the job front...ugh. Phillip doesn't have much to share. I have been growing ever impatient with Parkview since they STILL have not contacted me to tell me yea or nay on the job I interviewed for. I called the Birthing Center supervisor the week after my peer interview, but had to leave a voicemail and did not receive a call back. So I waited more. Then, on Thursday, I called HR. I spoke to a very nice man who said he knew there had been job availabilities so he asked for my phone number, said he would talk to the supervisor, and then get back with me. Today is Saturday. He hasn't gotten back with me. So? I guess I'm going to call again on Monday. I mean, come on guys! I want to work for you so badly! Don't you think you should hire me for my passion alone?!

Aside from those frustrations, we've been enjoying more community time, family, friendships. Oh and MY DEAREST FRIEND GOT MARRIED LAST WEEK! Pictures are all over Facebook and my Instagram so you can check those out.

Well wishes are appreciated! Have a happy weekend!

**As you can see, I not only changed this little blog's layout and design, but I changed the title, too. I actually kinda hated the old one. Long, unoriginal, dumb. For ease of transition, though, I did keep the same URL. Whatevs.