Sunday, February 6, 2011

IKEA Loves

Because of Michelle's baby shower today and our trip to IKEA yesterday, I've got awesome baby/child things on the brain.

Sarah discovered these sippy cups on our trip. Love!
I saw this table with a set of chairs yesterday. They're so simple, but so sweet.


Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh...So many wonderful storage options at IKEA!

Plush toys! Vegetables, fruits, cakes, animals, breakfast! =)

 Isn't this little darling so cute?!
How awesome is this chair? Brian really wanted an adult version.
I really like these mice. I can't explain it.
I'll always love a rocking horse, but how awesome is this rocking moose?
Sarah and I both loved these lamps! After discovering them, Sarah and Brian decided they would want to decorate a kids room in Mario theme. Don't the clouds remind you of Mario?

I'm sure there are people who think this lamp is weird, but I love it.

Well, wasn't that fun? IKEA has so much wonderful stuff.

I need to let you guys know something. Just now...I finally cleaned. Dishes-done. Laundry-done. Decor painted-done. Yep, the sewing machine is tucked away nicely in the closet, the frames and other decor are placed together in my newly designated "craft corner". I even finally washed the sheets! I'm soooooo pleased right now.

How has your weekend been? Any big Super Bowl plans? We'll be watching the big game on big screen in the youth room with the high school kids. At first I was upset to have the game as a church event, but now I"m pretty excited.

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  1. I love that circle chair!!! Those sippy cups are really cute too. You are so cute with the things you love. It takes a certain personality to be able to pull off those likes and you have it! I think it is absolutely awesome! And the design is definitely you!

    Love you! Leslie