Friday, February 4, 2011

A Day In The Life

Today, Phillip and I went to IKEA in Tempe with Brian and Sarah. I was glad to go with them since this was the first IKEA trip for Phill and I. The guidance was helpful!

Upon entering, I instantly felt we were channeling Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt from {500} Days of Summer.

Ahh, I love that movie. Sarah & I bought some succulents there:

They make me so happy! I want to touch the felt one all day.
Have you ever been to IKEA? We mainly went to pick up some things for the youth room, but of course we got a bit more (especially Brian and Sarah). My husband has an intern salary, remember? I fell in love with the kitchen vignettes. So many wonderful ways to organize! And, this may sound strange, but I loved the childrens' section. When kids become a reality for us, I definitely want to get a crib, and some other things, from IKEA.

Plus, we bought Swiss chocolate. And Swedish Fish. Uh, YUM. 

In other news, our place is still a mess. We never recovered from Christmas because shortly after I began purchasing all sorts of picture frames, paint, and vintage decor.
This is the current living room situation:
Sewing machine (that I still don't know how to use), papers, frames, pictures, laptop, paint, decor waiting to be painted, garbage. Gross.

Also, to end the day Phill and I went to this little frozen yogurt place. LOVE! Only 8 calories per ounce. I definitely found my new favorite place. You guys don't even realize. Why didn't someone tell me about frozen yogurt before?! IT'S HEALTHY ICE CREAM!!!!!!!! Ok, not really, but my life has been improved 10 fold by this new discovery.

I'm so excited to finally have a weekend off! Tomorrow will be pretty busy, though. Baby shower for our friend Michelle (yay!), church (YAY!), and then we're heading over to our friends' house to watch the UFC fight (yay?).


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  1. Some neighbors of ours are trying to get us to travel 2 hours to go to an Ikea store in Charlotte, NC. I guess they even have a childcare center so Alan and I would be able to shop in peace! Have fun tomorrow!

    Love, Leslie