Friday, August 9, 2013


Prepare yourselves. This is bound to get a bit cliche and mushy.

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. All I feel is happy. Five years brings a lot of ups and downs with it, but finding your way to such a happiness after that time is something to be quite proud of, if you ask me.

I always shy away from those people who say their romantic partner is also their best friend. I cannot even pinpoint exactly what it is about this statement that rubbed me the wrong way. I think, perhaps, I was always afraid it would mean that one person is expected to fulfill such a large number of roles that there isn't any room left for other people and their individual influences. As I reflect on it now, though, I'm thinking that perhaps Phillip is, in fact, my best friend. He is the one I see daily, the one I am 100% comfortable with (marriage will do that to you!), the one who, even when many would prefer a lie, is always honest with me. He is the one who teaches me to think beyond what I have always known as "truth". He has shown me the value of adventure and living outside the norm. He has seen my tears, heard my cries. Phillip is the patient father to my beautiful child. His quiet has always intrigued me, but I never could have imagined the value it would have to my busy, loud self. From the beginning of 'Phillip and Alyssa' he has helped me to learn more about, and experience, the love and grace of God.

Happy #5 to us.