Friday, February 18, 2011

Rory & Lorelai Are Just Leaving?!

Oh man guys. I started watching Season 2 of GG. I just finished the episode where Lorelai breaks down and decides not to marry Max. Obviously, a road trip is in order after making a rash drastic decision that alters you life. Oh man. was tricky. I got a phone call at 5:30AM telling me there were too many nurses scheduled and I shouldn't come in unless I hear otherwise. At first, I was frustrated because I need the hours and I need to accumulate PTO, but then I remembered I like to sleep so I became happy. Then, at 10 I was called again saying a nurse is sick and my relief for her would be greatly appreciated. I obliged. I arrived at 11:30ish, went to 5C (I've never worked this floor before), got report from sicky nurse, and then the craziness ensued.

Scary times. Frustrating, frustrating times.

But! I made it out alive. I then met Phillip at the church for a marriage seminar thing that was going on. I only caught the last half, but it was pretty cool. This is what I learned: I still really love my husband =)

Ok, the news really isn't that big, but I'm so proud of myself. The news is this: I completed a crafty project. A sweet garland! There are so many lovely garlands out there right now. If I had my way, I would have a slew of garlands with which to decorate and redecorate our little home. But, I have neither the will nor the talent to make this dream a reality. Therefore, I will stick to being proud of my one garland {at least for now}. My bathroom won the rights to garland #1.

{Obviously NOT garland, but these lovely ladies are new to el bano, too.}

It adds a little something, without adding too much. I am pleased. {I always feel the urge to insert a smiley face after sentences like that, but then I'm afraid I'll be judged for my overzealous usage of smiley faces.}
Materials: Coffee dyed coffee filters, natural colored coffee filters, sheet music, pretty floral fabric from pillow case found at a thrift store, and pretty lace fabric found at another thrift store! Oh, yeah and the rope stuff...found at a thrift store. So what! Yes, maybe I am a thrift store junkie! I cannot possibly see how this could be viewed as a "problem".  So get over it =) {That smiley face was necessary. Duh.}
I drew inspiration for the little garlands here and here.

Also, a sweet treat package from Mom & Dad Oprie arrived today. YUM! I may have eaten 4 already. I'm not sure my taste buds have the capacity to be sweeted out. I have an insane sweet tooth that is pretty much nagging me all the time.
What you can't see is the little puppy nose that was desperately trying to get a bite of this delicious treat.
Happy Friday everyone! Congratulations! You made it to the weekend! 
{I'll be working this weekend. Bummer.}

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