Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alone, By Myself

Welp, Phillip leaves today for jr. high camp. I wish I was going, too :-( However, I'm stuck here in no-camp-no-fun land where work is king. Lamesauce.

It's kinda strange--this definitely not the first week I've spent alone while Phill is at camp, but I'm feeling much more anxiety about it this time around. Actually, maybe it's not even related to Phillip being gone. I'm at work, so it's probably just due to that one little fact alone. WORK = Anxiety. It's not even a bad day {thank God for that}!

I plan to take these next few days snuggling and going on walks with Margot, prepping for my tattoo consultation {so excited!}, and enjoying a girls' day tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I requested a "red dot" at work for today {meaning if there are too many nurses staffed that I would get called off} since Phill actually has a Saturday free of anything work-related {since he's leaving for camp tomorrow}, but I totally did not expect it because I thought we were going to be short nurses today. APPARENTLY NOT! They almost had me in quite a fit this morning, though.

First, I get a phone call from the staffing office saying I was being "pushed back" which means I'm kinda on an on-call basis until 11:00AM. Then, about an hour later I get a phone from Nancy, the floor nurse manager asking me if I would be able to come in because it looks like one of the nurses is going to start with 6 patients {we usually have 4-5 depending on acuity}. She says I technically don't have to come in til 11, but wonders if I could come in early. Me, being the totally honest and Iguesskindarude lady I am, said I would really rather wait {in retrospect I feel bad [but kinda not really]}. So, Nancy says why don't I give her a call at 9:30 to touch base. I say okay. I'm so upset now. My hopes were SO high and now it's all crashing down. Even if the work day is easy it'll still totally suck because my heart is crushed from being so close to an extra day off with my husband. BUT! I get all ready and then call Nancy at 9:30 to check in and see if she still wants me to come in. The response?

"No, we're pretty much all at 6 patients now and doing ok and the other nurses don't want you to have to come in so you just enjoy your day off. Seriously, enjoy it."


I swear, it's these little things that make me so happy and bring me so much joy. So, I ran and jumped on the bed to let Phill {who may or may not have still been sleeping} know the good news! His obnoxious wifey poo will be with him all day long! We finished getting ready and then ran to get some food so I could actually eat this week. We seriously have, like, nothing at the house right now even though our budget is totally gone for May. Thank God we're near June! With Phill being gone all next week I decided that I'll give some of the vegetarian recipes, that I'm sure Phill wouldn't want to eat, a try. Excited to experiment!
Next, well, there really isn't a next. We've just been lounging around watching HIMYM. AND I MADE AWESOME BROWNIES THAT ARE ALMOST GONE ALREADY!

Happy Weekend Wishes!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tattoo Adoration

I have a love affair with tattoos.

I've been impressed and amazed by tattoos for years now, but over the past several months I have really developed a true love for the art form. Many of you, I'm sure, know that I have a tiny little tattoo on the top of my left foot. Many of you may not know, however, that I'm in the works of getting a new piece of art for my body.

I'm not entirely sure what it is that has given me the courage to finally pursue this tattoo. I think the separation from all of the people that mean the most to me {other than my husband} has led me to really love and appreciate the thought of commemorating the impact of all the relationships I've been fortunate to develop, and all the memories I've been blessed to create, throughout my life. Also, many of my favorite blogger gals are tattoo-adorned and drop dead gorgeous! I've googled the heck out of the tattoo world to find some truly beautiful {and, ahem, NOT so beautiful} works of art. I'm amazed. I'm jealous of the talent because Lord knows I'm sooooooo not blessed with the artistic gene! I mean, why do you think I went into medicine? ;-)

Now, I realize there will be many of you reading this who are very against the idea of me pursuing further tattooing. I greatly value your concern and input. My philosophy on tattooing is actually pretty simple: I think tattooing is a beautiful form of art. I have seen so many tattoos that I plain and simple LOVE. It is true, however, that I have probably seen far more that I despise, but that is where personal taste and style come into play. {Seriously, though, what are some people thinking?!}

I know one of the biggest arguments against tattoos is the "Tattoos are permanent! Think about what you'll look like when you're old and wrinkled!" In all honesty, when I think of myself, old and wrinkly, I think I'd look pretty incredible with my wrinkly tattoos. The ink is permanent and the meaning will still remain, even when some of my loved ones, who the tattoos represent, are long gone. True, they will have a warped appearance. It doesn't bother me, but I can COMPLETELY understand someone's hesitancy in getting a tattoo for this reason. I'll still be proud...and wrinkly :-)

I'm so pleased to finally be pursuing this. I really think that once all is said and done I will cry big ol' tears of joy. Tears representing all the love I have for, and have felt from, my LORD, my family, my friends {brothers and sisters, really}, and my husband. Tears expressing the gratitude for all the blessings I've received, though undeserving, from all those mentioned above. Tears because I miss my family and the deep bonds and relationships I have back East. Tears because I'm aware of the growth taking place in me every single day and I'm forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for being patient with me. I'm learning to love myself, and others, more and more everyday through His guidance & grace. When I envision this tattoo, and possible others in the future, they all take root in love.

I think the tattoo shall remain a mystery until the ultimate unveiling, but rest assured it will most definitely not resemble the likes of any of the following:
"No thanks"--Christopher

So very creepy

Sure, I Ohio Ohio, too! Wait, what???

Really? Really?!

I wouldn't want this person by my side. Not if you're dumb enough to forgo grammar check before permanently altering your body.

Obviously, the memory wasn't too loving.


Wow. I'm really glad they decided to combine those 3 "important" things together in one tattoo.

You know there's about 28,434,692,374 others just like this out there.

Ok, actually maybe I will get this one :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's A Good Day

My day began feeling pretty lousy, actually. I was tired and just blah. My saving grace was the planned out to-do list I smartly made last night. I had goals! They must be reached! So I got out my phone and made some phone calls and then tied up my laces to go for a walk with Margot.

{This is why walks take so long. She stops to sniff every frickin' bush that's been peed on.}

Doesn't my hair look fiery? I love it. The reflection in my sunnies is pretty awkward, though.

Would you believe me if I told you I worked out next? Because I did! At first I was annoyed because the elliptical at our little apt complex gym was taken. That would mean I have to get my cardio through the torture-inducing treadmill. Uuuuuuhhhhhhgggggg. But guess what, folks?

It. Felt. Awesome. 

I think I just always felt I needed the speed high in order to achieve a good workout, but today proved that theory wrong. I actually want to do it again {yes, this is still Alyssa typing here}. Yay for health!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lessons In Food

Apparently, Margot eats spinach. I accidentally dropped a leaf on the floor and she grabbed it up real quick. What a strange little thing. Maybe I'll turn my pup vegetarian, too. I don't have Phill's full consent, but I'm probably going to raise my children vegetarian, too. My diet has evolved and taken on more of an important role over the past few weeks. It's finally now, after several years of a vegetarian diet, that I'm finally venturing out into the broad array of fruits and vegetables out there. My favorite find, thus far, is KALE. I had never had kale before approximately 2 weeks ago. I bought it just to try it, but then I bought a heap more after reading this. Doesn't it make you want to go out right now and buy a load of this awesome plant?

I want to try to work my way towards about 50% raw diet. I was reading numerous blogs last night {here, here, here, & here} about the benefits of consuming more raw foods and I became so inspired. It really just makes sense. In the past week or two, I've cut out sugar {inspired by Jess}. Well, within reason. I have been allowing myself fruit, yogurt, and OJ. You have no idea how much I've had to turn down at work--it's not fair. BUT I'm not really craving it too much. I made a double batch of cookies last week {that's about 100 cookies, folks} and didn't eat a single one.

I'm finding so many new, delicious sounding recipes. When buying all my fresh produce today I felt so giddy and excited to try it all, knowing that it's going to taste awesome AND my body will thank me in return because it was made for this kind of food!

Alright it's bed time. Goodnight all!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photo Dump

While taking some pics yesterday, I realized there were some pictures on Phill's camera that had just been forgotten on there so I figured a good old fashioned photo dump was in order here. Enjoy!

Cooking up some homemade BBQ Chicken. Yeah, I'm that awesome of a wife. I, the veg, make meat for the hubs.

Bah-buh-que sawce

Plus, I put together some rice crispie treats. I'll kindly neglect to tell you how much of this I consumed

I just thought the light looked pretty shining in our little home


My Goodwill finds from yesterday. I scored!

Doesn't she just look adorable here? Hiding behind the loveseat {where the sun shines in} is her new favorite hangout.

All together now: "Awwww!"

Date night get-up with my Goodwill swag! I was a bit afraid of the skirt, so I asked Phill if it was too short, or just cute. He would be honest. He said it was good so I went with it! I was still kinda unsure throughout the night, though!

Well, I have a lot to do in a limited amount of time today since I woke up at noon, and then, since I was so tired and finally had the opportunity to catch up on missed sleep, I immediately napped for an additional 2 hours on the couch. Lame? Maybe. Since 2 I've been online and now I have errands to accomplish before Verge Movie Night tonight!

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Like?

Rather than going to sleep {which I should do since I have to be at work in less than 7 hours} I am tinkering around online. This led me to do a revamp of this ol blog. Now, I'm still not one of those super snazzy ladies with a real decked out blog, but I'm pretty proud of where I'm at considering I paid $0 and I have an insanely small amount of computer know-how.

Now to fix this label mishap......
{I blame my problems on Blogger and their craziness this week}


I wish I had some pictures to make this post more interesting, but, sadly, none were taken. Damn you dead iPhone! I want it back :-( 

Today was definitely a good day. I slept in {always a yay}, went to lunch with Phill and some church peeps to Famous Dave's {good times, but definitely not the best place for a vegetarian diet!}, then ran errands around town. After much harassment at lunch {ummmmmmm not apologizing}, Phill got off work early and we took Margot to the dog park! She's finally getting better at interacting with other dogs. She may not be "playing" with them, yet, but at least she isn't completely avoiding them anymore.

After the dog park we swung by Starbucks for some half price fraps {holla!} and then chilled at home for a bit. Wednesday night is always Phill's Ultimate Frisbee night and this time I decided I'M GONNA JOIN!

That's right, folks. This lady played some Ultimate. And it was the ultimate.

I was really nervous and pre-embarrassed that I was going to suck terribly, but I actually wasn't totally awful. It was a major ego boost to know I'm not terrible at it and I got a good workout from it. Plus, it's just fun. It really was.

Finally, we came home, I cooked us some grub and we vedged out watching some of our fav TV shows. Have you seen Happy Endings? We discovered it by accident the other day because we seriously hardly watch regular TV anymore {thank you Netflix!}, but it's pretty hysterical. I suggest you check it out if you have nothing better to do on your Wednesday evenings :-)

Welp, work tomorrow and Friday so I need to force myself to get some sleep!

Oh wait! I totally forgot all about earlier this week!


It came out of nowhere. I woke up early Monday morning feeling like crap with a terrible headache. I took an Imitrex and laid back down. Throughout the course of the rest of the day I dealt with constant headache and vomiting. Most the day there wasn't even any thing to vomit up. I just had dry heaves and stomach acid. I went through a lot of Imitrex, too, because at least twice I vomited right after taking it because my stomach just couldn't handle anything in it.

Phill was SUPER sweet through it all. I was spazzing Monday around lunch time when he was home because I was so restless lying in bed with no results, but then when I left the bedroom I could smell his food and I felt SO HOT. I was just at a loss of what to do and I just kept saying I was "so hot". I'm pretty sure he didn't know what to make of it, but he said I could turn the A/C up. It may sound silly, but with our penny-pinching ways I found it really sweet. Also, when he came home from work he had some Powerade that he had picked up for me. I was too nauseous to drink it, but I was touched that he bought it.  He even ended up sleeping on the couch that night, but I think it was only partially due to my being sick and partially from his wanting to watch some "Phill" things on Netflix. He had me all set up in the bedroom, though, with our tower fan blowing on me {in addition to the ceiling fan} because the room had become so warm from the sun blazing in there all day.

When I woke up on Tuesday I generally felt better but my head still really hurt. I took some Imitrex--little help. Then, I cautiously took some Excedrin Migraine and PRAISE THE LORD THE COMBO WORKED {granted I took 3 Excedrin...always follow the label instructions, kids}!

Since then I've felt fine and dandy, but that was a hellish way to spend my days off. At least I didn't have to call off work because then I would have been in some hot water. Yikes.

Alright, fine. I will leave you with one picture.
What the flip. What big plans did the baby have for the Q-tips anyway?

Ok, so I'm off for good this time! Have a Happy Thursday!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, Saturday, Gotta Get Down on Saturday

 The pictures turned out weirdly pixelated. That's phone pics for ya.
 I must admit, his kinda looks more...I don't know, just more. It was a good team effort for Phill's Espresso Spice Rubbed Steak with a Pepper Cilantro pesto. You're impressed, right?! Mine was just a combo of the leftover onion, bleu cheese, kale, & mystery green lettuce {from the farmer's market and I was too embarrassed to ask} I had in the fridge.


Church was really good again today. We're rounding out this series 'Built To Last' on how to build strong families and this weekend's topic is Constant Conversation. It was really good and enlightening {no shocker there--I love our church}. I have to work tomorrow, so I'm glad I was able to go to Saturday service.
This conversation just happened:

Me: Have you ever heard of a Jerusalem Artichoke?
Phill: Nope....{chuckles to himself}
Me: What's so funny?
Phill: I was going to say, "I bet it's like a regular artichoke, but with the tip snipped off."

Oh my gosh.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Yesterday is Gone...Praise the Lord

Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my career to date.

My day was centered around one patient for 12 straight hours, but I still had other patients to care for. I was frazzled and frantic trying to control this patient for the entire shift. It was just...bad. I'm hugely grateful for all the help and support I received from fellow coworkers, but it still was just so rough. As soon as I sat down on the couch when I got home, I started to cry. I was just so burnt out after such a day! BUT! After watching Grey's, HIMYM, & Glee I was a brand new gal. Isn't it silly how silly TV shows can change it around like that?

Here's the good news, though: Today {at work} is IMMENSELY better! Unfortunately, that high-care patient was transferred to ICU last night, so the whole floor overall seems less chaotic. My patients aren't wild and I don't have a ring-around going with Case Management or anything. God is good. I'm so thankful.

I'm pretty proud, too, of how well I've been sticking to achieving my goals. One of the main things I've been trying to do with healthy eating is "clean eating" inspired by Jess at IROCKSOWHAT. Mainly, eat healthy, and no sugar. Yes, you read that right. This girl, sweet tooth and candy/ice-cream obsession and all, is going 30 days without sugar {except that naturally occurring in fruit and whatnot}. I don't think you realize how much food I've had to turn away just in 2 days at work. It's ridiculous. Anyway, so good so far! I've made lots of smoothies at home to keep me happy.


Monday, May 9, 2011

New Blog Wake-Up Call

How did it become 1AM already? Shoot.

I am an emotional basket base this evening. Feeling worthless, feeling content, terribly longing to be with my family, tearing up from happiness, tearing up for hopefulness, tearing up with uncertainty.

Then again...I am a female in "that time" of the month. TMI? Get over it, I guess :-)

I discovered a new blog to adore via Danielle's blog at Sometimes SweetI love you to the moon is the blog-child of Amber, one seriously amazing woman. I have just now thoroughly read over the past couple months' worth of her posts and I'm blown away. She's incredibly wise beyond her years {even younger than myself}. I couldn't help but feel strongly encouraged after reading into her little part of the world. To be perfectly honest, I was somewhat annoyed, at first, when reading her posts. I was jealous and frustrated by the perfect marriage, rocking body and devotion to {ahem, love for? [I know, I don't understand it either]} physical fitness, obvious devout relationship with the Lord, and killer looks and style to boot. However, as I read further and started to really reveal the lady behind the text, I'm beginning to see that it's not about perfection {which I'm positive she would deny and, likely, laugh at}. It's about learning what the truly important things are in life and making them a priority. The highest priority.

I've been spending A LOT of time focusing on, and worrying about, the future. Uuuggggghhhhhhh it's such a bad thing! I've made many half-hearted goals to "turn my life around" or "get on the right track" or "really start things fresh" as of late, but as of tonight I'm making a strong devout promise and goal to myself. This isn't one specific goal, per se, but more a general life shift in which I'm vowing to live my life to the fullest
I will seek out the presence of God in the world around me.
I will shamelessly snuggle and play with Margot. 
I WILL TAKE CARE OF MY BODY WITH HEALTHY DIET AND PROPER EXERCISE{this may sounds shallow and/or cliche, but this is actually a very real and difficult goal for me to consistently uphold}.
I will purposefully show love and respect for my husband.
I will rejoice in the small pleasures in life. 
I will enjoy the feeling of the bright, warm sun on my face. 
I will delight in the work that God has provided for this time, and I will patiently, yet actively, pursue future options in order to advance my career where my strengths and passions lie.
I will play a more active role in my relationships with family and friends.
I will worship the Lord my God, and I will seek out and make individual devotion with Him the highest priority.

This list could go on and on, but I think I should stop while I'm ahead, or I'll have too much to handle all at once! I feel I am experiencing a great moment of enlightenment presently, but I also fear that this is all emotional and it will dissipate by the time I awake in the morning. So often the most sincere goals and plans made late at night seem much less important or necessary with the dawning of a new day. In fact, I can nearly guarantee that this will happen. My plan? CONSTANT SELF REMINDERS. This time, I must succeed. This time, I need to take this seriously. I will coast through life NO MORE.

Please, oh please, keep me in your daily thoughts and prayers. This post may all sound vague, but knowing that my well-being is being aided by any and all of you reading this will help.

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Husband, The Awesome

{From now on, this is how we will refer to Phill...well, ok, at least I will}

Simply put, my husband rocks. Our friend, Sean, told me that at the church staff meeting on Thursday, the whole crew was singing Phill's praises. Apparently, there was a standing ovation involved. Hahaha

I'm glad Sean mentioned this to me because you KNOW Phill had no intentions of filling me in. Me? If the roles were reversed this would have been the first thing I talked about when seeing my spouse, but Phill is a smidge too humble for that. Did I mention I married the most awesome man ever?

I just got home from the Talent Night at church. This is the ONE fundraiser the kids put on to raise money for camps, trips and other various activities. Basically, people pay admission to eat food {awesome food, fyi} and watch a show. The kids are the show. Some sang, some put together videos, one played piano, one showed a video of her ice skating, and one even demonstrated her karate skills! These kids are brave and super cool. This night was another shining example of how amazing the hubs is. He basically runs everything behind the scenes. Most people don't realize how much time this takes. A kid gives him a disk of photos to play as a slideshow. Simple, right? WRONG. Whenever Phill opens the file, ProPresenter {the program which runs everything} freezes up. Therefore, he must find a way for it to work. Apparently it involved putting every picture into a Powerpoint slide, or something. Add in lights, music, video, sound checks and all the other little tasks involved with the night {oh, yeah and everything else in New Life youth} and you've got one busy dude. Plus, he wore a tie, skinny pants, and dress shoes tonight so...bonus points.

He's learning so much and enjoying it which pleases the heck out of me. I'm so stinking proud of him. I thank all of our supporters SO INCREDIBLY MUCH for allowing him this opportunity to learn while also helping the kids to develop their faith and learn more about God.
He's a rockstar

My Husband, The Awesome
The one and, seriously he's the only Phillip Oprie

It's Me! In the Thing!

Well, hello there. I realized I haven't actually posted on this ol' blog in over a week, but that seems strange since I'm "blogging" around all the time. I guess I just spend all that time stalking other people's lives.........


(pray for me)

ANYWAYS! It's getting hot, hot, hot around these parts as of late. I had a long post planned about the awesome things happening at the church with Phill, but that'll have to wait for a time when I have more time. For now, know that Phillip is ROCKING IT with his internship.

I shall leave you with this little tidbit: