Hey there! My name is Alyssa.

I've been married to my husband, Phillip, since August 2008. We have a miniature dachshund named Margot. I'm an Indiana native, and we've returned to the great Midwest after a 2 year stint in Phoenix. We've been settled back in Indiana since 2012. I work as an endoscopy nurse, with the potential plan of becoming a certified nurse midwife someday. I'm a huge natural birth fanatic and promoter.

Phillip and I have been abundantly blessed. While we've suffered heartache from miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy, we have two daughters and we are currently expecting a child due early April 2017.

I love the Lord and I strive to spend my time here with all of you the way He's intended. My goal is to love others as I am loved by Him alone. I'm always learning.

I enjoy singing, twirling, laughing, lovely tattoos, watching trashy TV shows, riding my bicycle, running, coffee, spicy food, thunderstorms, sunshine {I guess that's a contradiction, no?}, thrifting, porch swings, going to dive bars and diners late at night, candy canes, everything about the Christmas season, golf cart racing, Camp Cotubic {forever and ever with all my heart}, star gazing, being childish, and trying to find my way through this funny thing called life.