Monday, February 14, 2011

Folksy, Faces, Friends

It's no surprise to those who know me well that I love my music. As I turned on the Grammys tonight I was SO excited to see 2 of my favorites (Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers) performing live. 

 Mumford & Sons-The Cave. They performed this song at the Grammys tonight.

The Avett Brothers-Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise. This was performed at the Grammys, too.

This is a whole heap of awesome. Take the time to watch it.

Ok. Obviously, Patsy was not on the Grammys tonight, but this is the very roots of where I can say my love for all things folksy originated. Thanks, Aunt Nay, for playing your Patsy Cline cassette for Leslie and me oh so long ago! I am DELIGHTED to see this video! Patsy in action! I can hardly contain how pleased it makes me.

As mentioned, I have a knack for folksy groups. I'm feeling particularly folksy tonight. I think it has a bit to do with my already present underlying love PLUS just returning from High School Winter camp  where Redneck Bowling was an activity. Man, you should have seen Brian! All he had to do was channel his inner Drinkwine-Nashville self and we had "Buddy". Buddy also made an appearance at high school service tonight (yes, we held service tonight, a mere 2-3 hours after returning from high school camp). Normally, I would share loads of pictures, but the only pictures I have are the ones on my phone/Phill's old terrible piece-o-crap phone. Apparently, we have no cord to connect said phone to my computer and the bluetooth method has failed me, as well.


Listen, world. Remember how I had a blast at jr. high winter camp? Well, high school winter camp was definitely not a let down either. This weekend has made me realize how HAPPY I am to finally spend time with and connect with the youth group. Prior to this weekend, I felt like even when I came to services, and other youth events, that I was never really able to connect. This is true for both Pendleton and here at New Life. Now, after having spent many consecutive hours with both the jr. high kids and sr. high kids, I finally feel like I belong and that I'm accepted by both the kids AND the other leaders. 

I did gain some insight as to what may have been hindering some of my connecting problems, though! Apparently, I have "faces". People who have been present throughout my life: Why did you not inform me that I have many, many of these faces that often times portray mean, "I'm-angry-with-my-thoughts" looks?! Whilst having discussions with some of the girls over the weekend they pointed out that they didn't know I was so normal and they told me my faces sometimes made them think I was mean and didn't like them! I was totally unaware. When I later made the face again, it was pointed out to me. Apparently, it is my "thinking" face. Sooooo, whenever I'm thinking of something to myself, there is a great possibility that I will look like a meanie. 

I like smiling and laughing (even if it does make me look all squinty-eyed)!

Wish me luck with our Valentine's dinner! On the menu: Filet au Poivre & Tiramisu

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