Monday, April 4, 2011

What Do You Have to Say "Yes" To?

First, the most beautiful food:
Sooooooooo many lovely veggies! So tasty. I swoon. I created this?! Yay for me {And you best believe that's some homemade dressing in the blender}
Now onto MUCH more important matters...
This past weekend at New Life we were blessed to hear from Pat McCalla from Streetlight. It's really remarkable the impact that is being made by this organization, but it's equally remarkable the amount of slavery that is still thriving strong today. I've mentioned Streetlight a few times before, but their mission {to eradicate sex slavery in Phoenix and across America} is truly commemorable and beautiful.

I strongly encourage you to listen to the service Pat put together and to hear the truly incredible journey of Carolyn Jones. The tears I shed during this service resulted from the reminder of how truly great is our God. There is so much to be done. Wanna know the good part? We have all the tools we could ever need.

Hear the whole service HERE

Did you know...
  • There are more slaves today than ever before in U.S. history
  • The average age of a sex slave in Phoenix & across the country is 13
  • According to the Department of Justice, there are 100,000-300,000 child sex slaves on the street today
Micah 6:8 reads
"He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."

...what God requires {NOT an option} act justly and to love mercy.

Justice. What does it mean? 
  1. To see things through the eyes of God
  2. How things ought to be, or how they will be
Mercy. To love mercy is to live mercy. {Please forgive my poor note-taking. I found it incredibly challenging to try to soak up all that was being preached while also trying desperately to get it all written down so I could study and remember forever}

Here is where we can bring it home: "Me to You is Walking Humbly"
To walk humbly is to realize & understand who we are in relationship to God, in relationship with each other, and to recognize where brokenness lies in our own lives.

Humility allows us to see our brokenness and SHIFT our thinking from me to you.
From me to you

So...the question begs to be asked: What do you have to say "yes" to? The question is not "what problem is affecting my life right now?"

What are your God-given strengths? In what area are you truly on fire and effective? You may think there is no impact to be made by you alone, but where else where a SHIFT begin than with a single person?

Please, oh PLEASE listen to the message. Here, I'll even post the link a second time:

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  1. Firstly, beautiful salad. Sursly. My kitchen will never see anything that lovely. Second, I'm glad you posted the Streetlight PHX. A friend of mine just introduced me to it and I'm glad to get more information on it.