Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Relax, Unwind

After a Crazy {yes, with a capital C} day at work yesterday, I arrived home at about 8, went straight to the loveseat to lay down a bit and quickly fell asleep as Phill was tinkering around in the kitchen. I awoke to Phill's snores on the couch and, assuming it was probably pretty late, woke him up and said we should just go to bed. After prepping for bed, I went to the bedroom and realized...it was only 9:30. And we still went to bed. It was so amazing to be tired at a normal human time {actually before most-humans' time}. The time aside, I can't remember the last time I was that tired. I must've fallen asleep in less than 5 minutes time when I laid down on the loveseat. That seriously {seriously} never happens.

Today, all I've done is grocery shop {which I awkwardly love}, catch up on Facebook and blogs, & get up to date on Glee :-) That's all-around lazy and awesome in my book.


Tonight, Verge {our weekly college-age group}, is having our 2nd movie night. We're watching Goonies and I will most definitely be reminding everyone that it was my suggestion :-) You're jealous, I know, but I'll consider you with me in spirit!

I felt cute today. Pay no mind to the orb on my skirt and the general crappiness of the photo.
loves to all

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