Saturday, April 9, 2011

Date Day, Date Night

It was so nice to spend yesterday with my husband on his day off and actually DO something!

{Please excuse the photo editing. I'm tired and I really just want to go to bed}

Phillip & Alyssa's Day-to-Night Date:
  • Alyssa's ass gets handed to her by Camelback Mountain. Apparently I just can't handle hiking right now. This was a very embarrassing, humbling, rude-awakening sort of experience. I am lame.
  • Head home to freshen up
  • Hit up downtown Phoenix's cute little boutiques and outdoor shopping {without buying a thing}
  • Eat dinner at one of the best restaurants ever: Seasons 52. We went to one on our honeymoon and discovered yesterday that there is one RIGHT HERE WHERE WE LIVE! So we took our old Olive Garden gift cards from Christmas {they take 'em at Seasons 52 because they're owned by the same company} and treated ourselves to some niiiiice food and real conversation with each other.
  • Super tasty gelato where we, ironically, saw our friend Luis and his girlfriend, Tiffany. This was only my second time meeting her, but I'm pretty sure we should become bff's...even if only because she was wearing some supa fly pants {forgiving the fact that Luis is constantly berating me for being a vegetarian}.
  • After dinner movie, discounted with our BuyWithMe coupon, at the swankiest theatre I have ever seen. See Phill reading that menu? Yeah, that's inside the theatre. Each seat has a little call bell that you can press to ring an employee if you need something. There was a bar in the movie theatre and, according to Phill, sometimes they have showings that are 21+ where they serve alcohol during the showing. Crazy! It was all a little weird, though, because the theatre wasn't nearly as packed as I would expect a super-awesome theatre to be.
  • Head home and regret staying up so late because I have to work in the AM

Much Love

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