Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday In Review

  • Went to bed at 3 {after delighting in the fact that I would be going to bed at a normal human time...lame}
  • Awoke at noon
  • Dishes
  • Prepped dinner CrockPot style {one of my favorites "styles", I must say}
  • Drove to the dump to drop off our recycling {I'm still angry that Glendale doesn't do recycling pick-up}
  • Took advantage of the extreme wind and laaaaaaaiiiiid by the pool! BEST LAY OUT EVER. I was in lazy-woman bliss. I felt I was at the beach because it was a typical Phoenix sunny day, but the wind was in high gear so the heat didn't bother me a bit. Another perk: I was one of the only ones at the pool today. Sooo nice and relaxing.
  • Final preps to making some puppy chow :-)
  • Shower and make-up play time
  • Nice Jesus and friend time at Verge

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