Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 20, 2011

Yesterday was April 20. That is, 4/20. If you don't know what that's probably best. However, you totally won't understand the next pictures. Hehe it was so much fun! Remember how last week we went to The Cheba Hut? We went this week...on 4/20.

The place was packed. I expected there would be lots of people, but I didn't anticipate tents, Mardi Gras type beads {Yes, I'm wearing some in that pic. They gave 'em to me. I don't smoke none of that wacky weed.}, things for sale, & a dude outside rapping. Yeah. Rapping. Apparently it's a freakin' holiday.

I hope you have a super fantabulous Friday lined up. Cheer up, folks! Easter is right around the corner! 

All that being said, please please please keep my dear friend Kristi, and her whole family, in your thoughts and prayers. Her dad has been fighting Stage IV cancer for the past several weeks/months and early this morning his fight came to an end. He's dancing with God, now, but it's still so ridiculously difficult to bear for everyone down here. This all happened pretty quickly so the more support behind this family, the better. Thank you so incredibly much.

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