Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Legitimate Update on Life

I have the best family ever.

So, let's recap the past few days! I had the weekend off work! Saturday evening/Sunday morning the jr. and sr. high students from the church participated in Box City. Apparently there is no website designated specifically for the event {which takes place every year in youth groups all across the country}, but this article gives you a good run down on it all. The rules weren't quite a rigid for our kids, though. They got dinner and late-night chili. I guess Brian and the gang are softies. But get ready for this...they raised over $900! All the proceeds are going to Streetlight, a ridiculously worthy cause. I'm so proud of all the kids!
Then, I went to church on Sunday!!! You have no idea how happy it made me. I've only gone to a handful of main services for all of 2011. Sunday was the last message from a serious on "How To Be Rich". When my parents were here we were able to hear the first sermon of the series, and this final one really stuck with me. I took notes (nerd alert!). It's wild how easily we forget how truly blessed we are. This final week was entitled "Protecting Your Wealth". 

Sermon Highlights For Ya:
1 Timothy 6:19
*There is a relationship between your EXTRA & your ETERNITY
*When giving of your earthly wealth, you are laying a foundation for life beyond this one
*We need to start viewing wealth through a lens of eternity
*There is SO MUCH MORE beyond the here and now!

Luke 12:16-21, 30, 33-34
*Listen, you are going to run out of time before you run out of money; Don't waste it!
*We know we are rich, {at least those who went through the series know, but, trust me, we all are rich} so now let's be rich & live rich
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"--Gladiator {yup, the movie with what's his face}

I have a pretty rocking church, huh? So, on to the relatively sucky news: We're going to move in June. 3 moves in as many years of marriage. This was so not the plan. We signed a 12 month lease when we first moved here in June and, the other day, we got a letter from our complex saying that after our lease is through, if we continue to live here, our monthly rent will increase over $100. Seriously. So...that's not happening. We're not going to shell out THAT much more money to continue to live in the same exact apartment. So, it looks like we're going to move to the complex that we originally loved most when we visited here last March. It's owned by the same company as our current complex so we don't have to shell out all the deposit fees that come with the initial move-in ordeal! That's a super awesome part. Also, they have a unit that is perfect. Near the back pool, grass all around, and a bigger patio than some of the other units. The ceilings are higher, too, so it all around feels roomier. Yes, that is a word. Seriously, it is. 

Also, I hate to brag for all you Midwesterners, but today was basically summer. Yes, summer has arrived in Phoenix. I was wearing a tank top & skirt {but still felt warm}, returned to a sweltering car after it was sitting in the parking lot for some time, I blasted A/C, and I listened to country music happily while driving down the road. Put it all together and you've basically got summer, right? Right. We'll be in the 90's this weekend!

Alrighty. I have typed a load. I'm off to college group!

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