Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ready for a Little Home Tour? OK!

After Christmas I began a mission. The mission: Redecorate. So what happened? I gathered loads of picture frames, fabric, and odds & ends that accumulated around our tiny apartment for the next 2 months. However, with the arrival of my family looming earlier this month, I got my act together and began a crash course in project redecoration! I really love the end result {even though Phillip might think I'm a little nutso}.

Pretty vintage sheet music and vinyl

A little mint paint to spruce up these little shelves and now I can show off my little chotchkies. I kinda adore my little pink owl. Thus far, the picture frame is remaining empty. Let's be honest, it'll probably remain that way.

I actually painted the TV stand a while ago, but never showed the little dear off! Here she is: a pretty aqua TV stand :-)

My marriage/vintage wall art montage

These ladies are my favorite ever. It makes me really miss my closest gal pals. Also, check out the retro swimsuit club to the far left. Hehe.

Oh hello there :-)

I'm proud I actually took the mountain picture. I'm also proud to be a nurse now that I've found the sexy nurse poses. Aww yeeeah.

Some of my brother's fabulous photo skills highlighted in the entryway. He's pretty awesome.

Pretty, pretty mirror serving tray.

I also painted the end table a pretty mint color. The poor dear is constantly covered with all our junk.

Some sweet vintage Miller, Kraft hot cocoa, & Easy Bake Oven ads in the kitchen.

I was ssssssoooooooooooo excited when I found this set! AND, I was even MORE excited when I found a matching sugar canister just today!

My corner of the bathroom. Do you think I have enough scarves and bandannas?
You like? I do =) Well, I'm off to resume girl's night {alone, but I kinda love it} which thus far has included: baking Jalapeno &  Pepper Jack scones, mucho laundry, sorting through my clothes and getting rid of what doesn't fit anymore {yay!} or definitely won't be worn again, and {of course} watching a ton of Gilmore Girls. I'm nearing the end of season 6. There are 7 seasons. The end is fast approaching! Yikes!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

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  1. Thanks for the tour, Alyssa! It looks amazing!