Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good, Long Arizona Weekend

Sooo...Friday night we went out for our friend Alan's birthday. We. Went. Out.
We begin with Happy Hour at Applebees. We're classy. What?! Half price drinks and appetizers!

Cool, Sean. Cool.

Phillip looks thrilled, huh? Actually, I think he looks really cute.

The Alyssa Classic: Gigantic Long Island Iced Tea

Once we relocated to the Saddle House at Westgate, I got one of these for myself and one for birthday boy on recommendation from Sean. Blue, fruity drink, right? WRONG. This drink sucks major ass. Pure alcohol with enough drops of blue dye to fool unknowing girls like myself. Alan and I were troopers, though. We got the job done :-)

This was our entertainment of the night. They were both sloppy drunk, but the girl was the one who decided to dance on me while I was placing my drink order. She tried it again when I was sitting innocently with the rest of the group! Poor thing.

I'm not really sure what emotion I was trying to portray here.

After a super fun Friday night (from which I miraculously suffered no symptoms) I attended a bridal shower for the lovely Lindsay! These photos are unedited and taken with a normal camera...so they look totally normal...womp, womp.

Is this not the most glorious table set-up of all time?!

 Sunday = Crazy day at work, so there's nothing exciting to report about Sunday. This morning, Phillip flew to Chicago for a church tech convention. From his phone calls today he sounded so excited! So pray that he learns lots, enjoys his time fully, and has safe travels back on Wednesday!

Oh yeah...


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