Monday, March 14, 2011

Remember Me? I'm Gonna Make This Short & Sweet {Pictures!}

Yes, you are all due a lengthy post all about my week with my fab fam and the weekend wedding extravaganza, but I have now waited until 1:17AM to start this post and my {Phill's} camera is being a major poopy head. Yeah, I said it. POOPY HEAD. The batteries went dead today after approximately 6 pictures of bridal party sprucing & now it won't even allow me to upload those few precious images! However, you are in luck. I have...stolen pictures from someone else on Facebook!
ABSOLUTELY gorg setting
They're getting married! Doesn't it all look so dreamy? {Check out the hottie on the right. Ow ow! He's working those tight pants juuuuuust fine. [Hehe, I'm milking this sooo much because he was not comfortable seeing as how these are the tightest pants he's ever worn]}
You can easily tell which legs belong to me: The bruised and scarred shins {I even had makeup on to try to cover it all!}
Pay no attention to the fact the no one {except super lovely Erin} looks exceptionally good in this photo. DO pay attention to our adorable pinwheels & Lindsay's birdcage veil!
"Hi, my name is Lindsay. I'm a ridiculously beautiful bride. So sorry, boys. I'm off the market now."
Mr. & Mrs. Lars and Lindsay Ward {Could they be any cuter?}
I promise there is more to come! Do not fret!

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