Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tattoo Progression & A Birthday Fiesta

Here are some shots Phill took during my tattooing. I promise my face of disgust was in response to the movie I was watching and not due to the tattoo. I swear! It didn't even hurt at this point! Also, please ignore how unladylike I'm sitting in the first two photos. It makes me look disgusting, so pay attention to the third picture only, where I look much more acceptable. K, thanks :-)

After we left the tattoo studio we went straight to our friends' house for a birthday fiesta! Jake got a pinata and everything!

Robin holding it steady

Yup. He did it blindfolded...indoors...I nearly died

After it fell off the pole Jake was forced to stab the thing.
Saturday was lazy and uneventful, save for PPV Fight night at Sean and Dani's. Yeah. Somehow Phill and I are now regulars for the PPV UFC fights at the Brainard household. You're disgusted, right? Months ago, when we first went out to eat to watch fight night with friends, I did not want to go. To me, fight night = disgusting and stupid. Now, I know it's disgusting and stupid, but it's still somewhat enjoyable! It's just ridiculous. These idiots fight each other for sport. But it's so easy to kinda get into it, at times.

Today, I was able to enjoy a full day of church. Main service {aka me service} at 9, jr. high at 10:45 (Ice Cream Olympics woooo!), and high school tonight at 6. I'm so excited to have an additional day off with Phillip tomorrow. We're going hiking in the morning...early morning...then probably hanging out and generally being awesome until our 4th of July celebration at night! Our church, and apartment, is literally blocks away from the Peoria Sports Complex {which evidently is home to the 3rd largest fireworks display in AZ, or something} so every year lots of people just hang there to watch the show. I'm not sure if it's an annual occurrence, but at least this year it's an actual planned ordeal with food and all. I'm so excited to get together, share in community, and just celebrate and have an all-in-all summery good time =)


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