Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mood-Lifting Date Night

Last week I worked Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. Many nurses purposely schedule themselves to work their 3 days back to back in order to have their days off back to back, as well.

I am not one of those nurses.

I like breaks in between my work days. This is going to sound really sad, but I prefer it this way because then I can easily prep myself knowing I just have to 'get through' one or two days of work rather than a whole lot in a row. As much as I hate to admit it, I really am in a stage in my life where I have to 'get through' my work days.

All that being said, by Thursday I was really dreading Friday. Nothing out of the norm awful had happened Wednesday or Thursday, but I really hated the idea of going in yet again the next day. I had all but decided that I was going to call off. BUT I knew deep down that it would be silly, a waste of PTO, and I couldn't really afford another call in. Plus, Phill would not support my decision if I called off. But I wouldn't be able to leave it at that. My mentality was so out of wack that I knew by going in to work, like normal, that my attitude was in such a place that I was going to guarantee myself a terrible Friday at work!

Therefore, I came up with a solution: I needed something to look forward to after work on Friday. DATE NIGHT! Throughout Thursday night and all day Friday, Phill and I never could really solidify plans, but I NEEDED something. The only thing we decided on was a Thai restaurant in downtown Phoenix, but by the time we arrived...they were about to close in 12 minutes. Sooooo...we went to Pei Wei {first time!}.

Afterwards, we were really struggling to think of something to do. *Sidebar: I realize there are 1,309,417,420 options of "things to do" in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We, however, enjoy free or nearly-free activities!* I am nothing short of pleased with our solution, though. I, being the glutton I am, suggested we go for dessert. I was really craving apple pie. Apple pie......all-American...


And we did :-)

Apple pie {a la mode...duh} for me, and a root beer float for the mister. *2nd sidebar: Isn't he the cutest? Ok, perhaps, being the wife, I'm a bit biased. Gosh, I love him*

5 & Diner has now joined the ranks as one of my favorite places. It has so much to offer:
  1. Good ol' fashioned yummy food
  2. 1950's atmosphere, including jukebox
  3. Friendly staff...with poodle skirts!
  4. Various types of other patrons. Some were pretty sketch-tastic.
  5. Open late {or even 24 hours--perfect}
I'm so glad there's a location nearer to us, too. Needless to say, my sweet husband obliged my craziness and made helped make my 3 days in a row far less terrible by taking me on this little date.

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