Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good 'ol American Summer

Typically, I avoid mock meat products. It just seems strange to me. I found an exception. I tried these once before and remember thinking it was no big thing, but right now...I'm a bit obsessed.

These taste exactly like what I remember hot dogs tasting like {Phill even agrees!} and, for some reason, it really hits the spot right now! I opted for the jumbo size {go big or go home, right?}, but I definitely don't have to feel bad about it because it has only 80 calories, no nasty animal filler products, no cholesterol, and only 1g of fat! The only downside? 5 dogs per package. Five?! Way to totally screw up the weiner:bun ratio!

It pays to eat veggie.


  1. Hey, those are the veggie dogs I consume at cookouts as well. I think they taste like "real" hot dogs, but I can't really remember. Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for linking to my blog from yours, or whatever you did, because I checked my stats from this past month and saw over a hundred hits on my site came from your blog. So, thanks. I appreciate the advertisement. Keep on.

  2. SO true! I like the Tofurky beer brats and italian sausage. Also, they had morningstar products on sale at the grocery, so i got the Chik'n nuggets, and they are actually really good! And they only have 190 calories in 4 of them, which is probably about 1/12389423th of the amount in mcdonalds/burger king, etc. Yay vegetarianism!