Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crazy Dog Lady

Phill & Co. are off at houseboat camp this week.

That's right. Camp. On houseboats. Lucky highschoolers! And...I miss my husband :-(

Since Brian and Sarah are obviously gone to camp, too, Henry is hanging out with Margot and me again. I'm sure, as a result of this week, most of our neighbors think an old lady, deeply in need of anger management, lives here.

I yell. Too much.

Two barking dogs are worse than one barking dog. Also...Henry is a majorly annoying whiner. Sorry, Brian and Sarah.

Check out Margot in that first picture. Demonic, right? Hey guess what?! I won this giveaway from The Peanut Gallery a while back on IROCKSOWHAT {blogosphere for the win!} and my sweet headband prize arrived today!


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