Monday, July 11, 2011

Alright Already! It's Tattoo Time!

Welp, my dear friend Dbo brought it to my attention that my sweet ase tattooed arm has made Apryl's online portfolio. So...there's definitely no sense in hiding it any longer! Actually, I already showed my parents and my brother through Skype, so it's only fair the rest of you see. Plus, y'all have been asking like crazy!
Outline complete

You can also see it here in Apryl's portfolio.
These pictures were taken the day after.

I love it. Seriously guys. I already feel like it's just a natural part of me. I think it's beautiful and special and I love the way it fits on my arm. I'm most excited for what's yet to come, though! Once the feathers are healed we're gonna tie it all together with a really light black & grey background.

This tattoo is a reminder of all the love in my life. I have been so blessed and this tattoo is a little keepsake of all the important relationships in my life.

Yellow--friendship color --> love for my dearest friends. My closest friends mean the absolute world to me. You know who you are and you know what we have is really more than a 'friendship'.
Blue--blue for my Grandma --> love for my family. My family has never left my side. I can always rely on my wonderful family.
Purple--romantic color --> love for Phillip. Cheesy or not, he really is my better half. He is the bread to my butter :-)
Green--my favorite color --> love for myself. Remember when I said this is partly a reminder tattoo? God is always working in me to instill self-love and self-confidence. This little feather, the one I can see most easily, is a constant reminder to treat myself right and remember that I am a child of the Lord.
Black & Grey Background--ties it all together --> The Unending Love. The love of the Lord that encompasses all the rest.

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