Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day in the Life of Phillip & Alyssa

Our anniversary vacation starts next week!!!

Alyssa: "Remember that time we got married?"
Phill:    "Nope"
Alyssa: points at wedding picture "See? Proof"
Phill:    "Photoshop"

*minutes later*

Phill:    "This is a house of lies!"

*Phill takes tortillas out of the fridge*

Alyssa:  "Don't! Don't eat something big!" {He's a major quesadilla consumer and dinner is only a couple hours away}
Phill:      Holds tortilla up, displaying the skinny tortilla "But it's thin!"
Alyssa:  "Are you just eating that?"
Phill:     "Yes!"

LAUGHTER ENSUES. Alyssa laughs for a minute straight. {I mean seriously! "But it's thin!" haha!}. Of course I married the guy who just eats a tortilla plain. Actually, that probably is pretty normal.

Ok, I realize this probably isn't too funny reading it from a blog, but as I re-read the scenario it brings a big grin to my face. It truly was a super funny couple of minutes here.
Ahhhh true love...


  1. SO cute! I love it. And I love plain tortillas too. Cold or warm, with butter or without. Tasty.