Sunday, May 15, 2011


I wish I had some pictures to make this post more interesting, but, sadly, none were taken. Damn you dead iPhone! I want it back :-( 

Today was definitely a good day. I slept in {always a yay}, went to lunch with Phill and some church peeps to Famous Dave's {good times, but definitely not the best place for a vegetarian diet!}, then ran errands around town. After much harassment at lunch {ummmmmmm not apologizing}, Phill got off work early and we took Margot to the dog park! She's finally getting better at interacting with other dogs. She may not be "playing" with them, yet, but at least she isn't completely avoiding them anymore.

After the dog park we swung by Starbucks for some half price fraps {holla!} and then chilled at home for a bit. Wednesday night is always Phill's Ultimate Frisbee night and this time I decided I'M GONNA JOIN!

That's right, folks. This lady played some Ultimate. And it was the ultimate.

I was really nervous and pre-embarrassed that I was going to suck terribly, but I actually wasn't totally awful. It was a major ego boost to know I'm not terrible at it and I got a good workout from it. Plus, it's just fun. It really was.

Finally, we came home, I cooked us some grub and we vedged out watching some of our fav TV shows. Have you seen Happy Endings? We discovered it by accident the other day because we seriously hardly watch regular TV anymore {thank you Netflix!}, but it's pretty hysterical. I suggest you check it out if you have nothing better to do on your Wednesday evenings :-)

Welp, work tomorrow and Friday so I need to force myself to get some sleep!

Oh wait! I totally forgot all about earlier this week!


It came out of nowhere. I woke up early Monday morning feeling like crap with a terrible headache. I took an Imitrex and laid back down. Throughout the course of the rest of the day I dealt with constant headache and vomiting. Most the day there wasn't even any thing to vomit up. I just had dry heaves and stomach acid. I went through a lot of Imitrex, too, because at least twice I vomited right after taking it because my stomach just couldn't handle anything in it.

Phill was SUPER sweet through it all. I was spazzing Monday around lunch time when he was home because I was so restless lying in bed with no results, but then when I left the bedroom I could smell his food and I felt SO HOT. I was just at a loss of what to do and I just kept saying I was "so hot". I'm pretty sure he didn't know what to make of it, but he said I could turn the A/C up. It may sound silly, but with our penny-pinching ways I found it really sweet. Also, when he came home from work he had some Powerade that he had picked up for me. I was too nauseous to drink it, but I was touched that he bought it.  He even ended up sleeping on the couch that night, but I think it was only partially due to my being sick and partially from his wanting to watch some "Phill" things on Netflix. He had me all set up in the bedroom, though, with our tower fan blowing on me {in addition to the ceiling fan} because the room had become so warm from the sun blazing in there all day.

When I woke up on Tuesday I generally felt better but my head still really hurt. I took some Imitrex--little help. Then, I cautiously took some Excedrin Migraine and PRAISE THE LORD THE COMBO WORKED {granted I took 3 Excedrin...always follow the label instructions, kids}!

Since then I've felt fine and dandy, but that was a hellish way to spend my days off. At least I didn't have to call off work because then I would have been in some hot water. Yikes.

Alright, fine. I will leave you with one picture.
What the flip. What big plans did the baby have for the Q-tips anyway?

Ok, so I'm off for good this time! Have a Happy Thursday!!!

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