Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lessons In Food

Apparently, Margot eats spinach. I accidentally dropped a leaf on the floor and she grabbed it up real quick. What a strange little thing. Maybe I'll turn my pup vegetarian, too. I don't have Phill's full consent, but I'm probably going to raise my children vegetarian, too. My diet has evolved and taken on more of an important role over the past few weeks. It's finally now, after several years of a vegetarian diet, that I'm finally venturing out into the broad array of fruits and vegetables out there. My favorite find, thus far, is KALE. I had never had kale before approximately 2 weeks ago. I bought it just to try it, but then I bought a heap more after reading this. Doesn't it make you want to go out right now and buy a load of this awesome plant?

I want to try to work my way towards about 50% raw diet. I was reading numerous blogs last night {here, here, here, & here} about the benefits of consuming more raw foods and I became so inspired. It really just makes sense. In the past week or two, I've cut out sugar {inspired by Jess}. Well, within reason. I have been allowing myself fruit, yogurt, and OJ. You have no idea how much I've had to turn down at work--it's not fair. BUT I'm not really craving it too much. I made a double batch of cookies last week {that's about 100 cookies, folks} and didn't eat a single one.

I'm finding so many new, delicious sounding recipes. When buying all my fresh produce today I felt so giddy and excited to try it all, knowing that it's going to taste awesome AND my body will thank me in return because it was made for this kind of food!

Alright it's bed time. Goodnight all!

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