Saturday, May 28, 2011


I requested a "red dot" at work for today {meaning if there are too many nurses staffed that I would get called off} since Phill actually has a Saturday free of anything work-related {since he's leaving for camp tomorrow}, but I totally did not expect it because I thought we were going to be short nurses today. APPARENTLY NOT! They almost had me in quite a fit this morning, though.

First, I get a phone call from the staffing office saying I was being "pushed back" which means I'm kinda on an on-call basis until 11:00AM. Then, about an hour later I get a phone from Nancy, the floor nurse manager asking me if I would be able to come in because it looks like one of the nurses is going to start with 6 patients {we usually have 4-5 depending on acuity}. She says I technically don't have to come in til 11, but wonders if I could come in early. Me, being the totally honest and Iguesskindarude lady I am, said I would really rather wait {in retrospect I feel bad [but kinda not really]}. So, Nancy says why don't I give her a call at 9:30 to touch base. I say okay. I'm so upset now. My hopes were SO high and now it's all crashing down. Even if the work day is easy it'll still totally suck because my heart is crushed from being so close to an extra day off with my husband. BUT! I get all ready and then call Nancy at 9:30 to check in and see if she still wants me to come in. The response?

"No, we're pretty much all at 6 patients now and doing ok and the other nurses don't want you to have to come in so you just enjoy your day off. Seriously, enjoy it."


I swear, it's these little things that make me so happy and bring me so much joy. So, I ran and jumped on the bed to let Phill {who may or may not have still been sleeping} know the good news! His obnoxious wifey poo will be with him all day long! We finished getting ready and then ran to get some food so I could actually eat this week. We seriously have, like, nothing at the house right now even though our budget is totally gone for May. Thank God we're near June! With Phill being gone all next week I decided that I'll give some of the vegetarian recipes, that I'm sure Phill wouldn't want to eat, a try. Excited to experiment!
Next, well, there really isn't a next. We've just been lounging around watching HIMYM. AND I MADE AWESOME BROWNIES THAT ARE ALMOST GONE ALREADY!

Happy Weekend Wishes!

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