Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's Happening, Hot Stuff?

So, here's the low down of my week thus far:

Phill's gone and I had Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday {today} off work. Therefore, it's been a nice a female cuddle frenzy. Actually, I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished in my time off without Phill because usually I'm such a lazy bum. I worked out ALL 3 DAYS! And we're talking good workouts, guys. Sweating hardcore. I told Phill I might want to look into running some 5Ks {approx 3ish miles. totally doable! right?!} and then possibly, potentially consider a the way distant future maybe. This is me not wanting to commit to it because it's scary and I don't want to officially make it a goal because if I do and then never accomplish that goal, I am then a failure! I'm total lame sauce.

Do I same lame sauce a lot? I think I do.

I also did some packing this week. I promised Phill I would try to get the ball rolling since we realized before he left that June 10th is way the heck closer than we both realized! So, our little apartment is now smaller because there are boxes and suitcases everywhere filled with all our junk. I'm please with the amount I got done in such a small amount of time, though.

Also! Today I had my tattoo consultation with Apryl at 27 Tattoo. I told her what I was thinking, showed her some things I'd found to illustrate what I was wanting, and we bounced a couple ideas around. I really, really love the ideas she came up with and I have full confidence that she's going to come up with the perfect design. What pleased me the most {SO much} was having her say, more than once, that the type of art and design that I want is what she really loves to do. She actually said this {Yeah, you're still stuck with 'this'. Secret, secret!} is one of her favorite things to do.

I found today to be another proud moment for myself. I was pretty nervous heading in to the consultation just because I wanted to make sure that I got my point across so I could ensure the perfect design and something I will love for all time, but at the same time I didn't want to come off, I don't know, ridiculous somehow. I'm not artsy and creative and I have very limited exposure to the tattooing world, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I was afraid that I would be expecting, and demanding, maybe the impossible? I'm not really sure how to word it, but Apryl easily put my nerves to rest. She seems confident and excited about this endeavor, so I have no reason not to feel the exact same way! And, guys, I really am SUPER PUMPED now. So...I put my deposit down and have an appointment for July 1! We tried to get it sooner, but it seems the scheduling gods were against us for the month of June. Plus, this works out well because Fridays are Phill's day off and this ensures he'll be able to be there like he wanted {July 1 is a Friday}. I'm desperately hoping to be able to start and complete the tattoo all in one day, but odds are I'll end up needing to book a separate appointment to finish it. Apryl estimated this tattoo would take approximately 6 hours or so. She said that with larger pieces people usually are able to tolerate 3-4 hours of work at one time. Of course, many others are able to go longer, but I have no idea what my tolerance is since the little tattoo on my foot took a whopping 5 minutes from beginning to end! Now, don't worry. Just because I use terms like "larger pieces" and "6 hours" does NOT mean I'm covering my whole face and chest with ink. I'll let you know that this tattoo is destined for my upper arm and the amount of time will likely be longer than similar designs simply because of the style and detail I want.

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  1. Tattoos are so exciting! I got one a couple of months ago that took nine hours, it was up my ribs. After we reached the halfway point I realized I just wanted it done.

    I finally met someone who says lame sauce. I thought I was the only one, haha!