Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home Sick, or Maybe Just A Sick Mind

Apparently, today is a day full of missing home for the strangest reasons--and it's only 12:33PM.

The first reason isn't strange. Mama called :-) I love my mother so much. It's funny how nearly every little girl {I think? Maybe I was the only evil daughter} is all "I'm not going to be anything like my mom {and dad} when I grow up!". Guess what, folks?

Proud of it :-)

Reason #2--The guy at the gym before me was watching ESPN and it was a show all about the Pacers vs. Knicks showdown of '94 and '95. Ok, I was in elementary school at the time, so I had no clue any of this was happening. I wouldn't have really cared even if my 3rd grade self knew. Today I cared. Today I briefly became a huge Pacer fan and I was proud to saw I'm from Indiana. 

Except for the part when some fans had posters about hanging Spike Lee. HEAR ME INDIANA: I know you love to show the Confederate flag bumper sticker on your tractor, but you were never a part of the Confederacy. Please leave your stupidity aside. 
*Haunting side note: Did you guys know Marion, IN {yup, where I went to school and received my diploma} is the site of the last confirmed lynching of blacks in the Northern United States? Horrid!

Ok, I got a bit sidetracked. Anywho, reason #3--While browsing Facebook I see pictures from Huntington North High School's graduation. I teared up. Please refer back to the top where I said I am my mom. Point proven. Bless you, school of my youth!

PS--Thank you for all your kind thoughts, words, and prayers in regard to my last post. It was all-in-all a crappy sort of day for me and I was spiraling down a path that seemed to have no end in sight. Now, my husband is home, life is back to normal, and I have my head screwed on straight. Yes, all those things are technically still realities, but I know that midwifery is my passion and that I want to pursue OB experience prior to school since the finances for school aren't really available right now. It's all good and I think I'm just more content knowing that there is, in fact, a plan in sight. Plus, it helps knowing others are backing me up and showing support. You guys are amazing.

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