Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Settling In

The heat and the new move have been hard on this man.
:-) He's cute.

So, we did, in fact, get all moved in on Friday! It was rough, but we got the job done, with much thanks to our friend Lorelle. We've moved many times before, but for some reason this one took a real physical toll on my body! I ended up leaving work early Saturday because my whole entire body ached severely and I was exhausted due to NO sleep. I didn't get to bed til about 12 or 1 and then couldn't sleep at all due to Margot barking and mosquitoes. I was so happy to be rid of them since moving to AZ,  but now they've found me again. There's more grass and trees at this complex so...there you go.

We love our new place, though. It's much more spacious and nice. We'll be posting a video tour once we get everything stowed away and the decorations in their place. It was fun last time, right? Right.

Phill's a happy guy today because he got a new bike! The poor guy has been left with my old crappy bike since his was stolen last Fall and I got a new one for my b-day. He's been really wanting one especially now because our new home is just down the street from the church so he would be able to just ride his bike rather than drive to work. He found it on Craigslist and he's pleased as can be. 

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