Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend WrapUp

It's been so nice to have a full weekend off work. I can't remember the last Sunday I was actually able to spend at church. It was nice to go to main service, then jr. high service this morning, and high school tonight.

We're still finishing up settling into our new home. We both agree that we really love it here. I'm super glad we moved.

How sweet is this little puppy of mine?!

We ended up having an inpromptu date night last night. First, we went to dinner at the Elephant Bar since I had never been and we had a coupon. Then, we went to Castles & Coasters for some putt-putt. I sucked majorly awful. It was disappointing. Then, we topped the night off with some glorious frozen yogurt. Delightful =)

Castles & Coasters  

I had more pictures from last night, but my computer ate them.

Well, goodnight all. I'm proud to say that it is only 10:53 and I am retiring to my bed! Thankfully, I have yet another beautiful day off work tomorrow, but I'll have to get some ACLS studying in at some point for my renewal course on Tuesday.

PS--12 days til T-Day {Tattoo Day!} Let the countdown begin!

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  1. what a fun weekend! what kind of tattoo are you going to get???