Monday, June 27, 2011

If I Had To Guess...

...I'd say your weekend was far superior to mine.
Womp, womp.

Work sucked HARD, yo. At least it got progressively better with each day...I guess???

Sunday--regular ol' hellish work day

The plus side: it's done, over, finished (until Wednesday, that is). Also, I got paid. Psh, that hardly makes up for it. I should get paid triple time for the hours I put in this weekend.

I won't bore you with the details, but if you were wondering whether two of my patients required sitters for suicide watch, one required manual catheter irrigation every couple hours and one of the crazies (I apologize for lack of better convenient term) necessitated a police escort at discharge...I will assure you all that was, indeed, a part of my splendid weekend.

I cried a lot and I vented to Phill with lots of, ahem, choice language. But seriously, no pity party for this girl AT ALL. I'm proud of myself. I really accomplished a lot this weekend that went WAY above and beyond my regular call of duty. So, go ahead, Alyssa.


**Friday = Tattoo Day!

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