Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some Not So Lovely Things

Phill pulled out his super husband card today by cleaning the apartment. Whilst {yup, I said 'whilst'} cleaning the shower, Phill encountered this gem:
Aren't you glad I make my pictures extra-large?

Now, I know every woman's shower drain has something like this happen every once in a while, but, guys, I do all I can to make sure my hair doesn't make it to the drain! Several times during a shower I'll do a quick sweep to gather all the loose hair and put it on the shower wall. When the shower is done I gather all the hair and throw it away. So how, I ask, is there still this much that makes it to the drain?!

Anyway, after Phill's cleaning bonanza and my grocery shopping we headed to church where yours truly played a super-fabulous usher.
Showing Phillip my usher face
Tomorrow will be busy at church, again, with Revolve {middle school} in the morning, and Velocity {high school} and a church-wide worship service tomorrow night! It'll be tiring, but likely pretty incredible!

For now, my husband and I are watching Hoodwinked :-)

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