Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn in Arizona

Whilst on my commute to work for a class this morning, I couldn't help but feel robbed, jipped, ripped off, denied, & conned out of AUTUMN. I know all the rest of you in the throws of Autumnal weather are all, "Shut your mouth you lucky biotch with your countless sunny days and lovely temps!". I get it. BUT! I can't help but miss it. Plus, my wardrobe is pretty limited when anything that covers you up is off limits. I'm tired of shorts, and I'd like to throw some tights under my dresses, thank you very much.

*Not Autumn in Arizona

For now, I'll just continue to fake it by drinking loads of apple cider, burning pumpkin and harvest scented candles, and {if the hubs allows at least for a little bit} keeping the apartment cool enough so I can wear sweats and cuddle up with Margot. Oh yeah, and cuddle with Phill, too, sure. =)


  1. I am stubbornly wearing layers today! And no sunshine is gonna stop me!

  2. Oh I was decked out in layers today, too! Holla cooler temps!