Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And We're Back

Sorry for the MIA blog status as of late. First, there was nothing super interesting or inspiring to discuss. Then, it got crazy!

Phillip's family flew into town Thursday night and we've pretty much been going, going, going ever since. Friday we trekked around town showing them the area. Saturday we went to the Grand Canyon!

What a little cutie, right?

See the Colorado River?


Then, I found my dream car in the parking lot


Since then, we kept busy with church on Sunday, work yesterday and then dinner. Today, I had to leave work early due to feeling, ahem, pretty shitty and stuff...if you catch my drift. When I came home I slept all the way until Phillip came home early because he was feeling gross, too! It's a down day for the Opries. 
Tomorrow I have a class at work in the morning and then I'm planning on going to the STATE FAIR (!!!) with the fam while Phill's at work. I'm totally jazzed about it so I hope I'm feeling 100% better in the morning!

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