Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Sick Day: Margot & Me

Welp. The sickness saga continues. More of the same. I felt kinda icky {yeah, icky} at work last Monday, but not too terrible at all and I felt pretty much normal by bedtime. However, when I woke up for work on Tuesday I felt way worse, but it was too late to call in. I went in to work and went home sick by 9:30 {they told me I should just call in late if I'm sick}. Wednesday was better, but I still felt ill. Thursday and Friday were fine!

Then I went to bed on Friday and all hell broke loose. I was SO SICK. Moaning in bed, up sick so much {as a nurse I feel I can share all details, but I'm realizing that real-life people do not agree with me}, and absolutely no sleep. None. And then I went to work! Fun! Obviously, I considered calling in, but I really needed to work! Mama gotta pay those bills. Truth be told, it really did suck and I was so blessed to have an easy load.

Unfortunately, last night was little better than the night before, so I knew I just couldn't press my luck at work again. So here I am. Home. Still feeling crappy. I do think {maybe? hopefully?} I'm on the mend, though. I'm feeling so guilty calling in sick today. I mean, I was just off nearly a full day last Tuesday for this same thing! I definitely need my hours because I'm fresh out of PTO. Plus, this is a lot of time I'm being taken away from work and possibly causing scheduling conflicts.

Oh well. Roll with the punches, right? Here are some sick day Photobooth pics of my precious pup and my {ever so disgusting and pudge-faced} self.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'll be posting about our SPECTACULAR concert last Friday {yeah, I'm really behind} hopefully later today =)

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