Monday, January 31, 2011

Gift Cards are Great

I swear I'm not a vain woman, but I really did take another picture of my outfit tonight. I think it's just because I'm SO PLEASED with my recent great thrifting success. Tonight, I wore the 2nd of 4 new dresses:

My favorite part is the leggings! Sometimes Walmart can surprise you. I bought two pairs of leggings, including these sweet polka dot ones, for $3 each.

I was pretty proud of this braid headband.

"Why the fancy night?" you ask? Umm...only a rad swag date night with my super hot husband. Ok, maybe we used a gift card at Red Lobster, but it's always fun to go out, even if only for super garlic biscuits.

Can you believe tomorrow is February? I know a lot of people agree that time flies, but since we've moved I'd been thinking that time actually hasn't gone by too quickly...until January. Perhaps it's just that I'm finally feeling totally normal now? Normal to be living my life here? That's my best guess, anyway.

On a totally separate note, have you heard the new rap song with the tag line "black and yellow, black and yellow"? If you're a Steelers fan, then of course you have (Brautigams). 

A bunch of jr. high kids were singing it at camp, and we heard it on the way home (I have a recent obsession with hip-hop because 99.3 is the Classic Hip-Hop radio station...AWESOME). That song is about nothing. Plus, I have no idea what "black and yellow" has to do with anything in the song. It doesn't seem to be about the Steelers. Perhaps the artist and his posse are from Pittsburgh? Maybe he just really likes the colors black and yellow? Hmmm. Yep, now I'm going to look it up.

...beep boop beep...

And the answer is...Yes, the artist, Wiz Khalifa, is from Pittsburgh. I bet you didn't expect to become up to date on current events simply by checking out my sweet blog, did you? 

You're welcome. Hehe.

But seriously....all you Midwesterners better be taking cover for all the snow that's "supposedly" coming your way! Is it crazy that I kinda wish I was there to experience it? Snow...

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