Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off & Running...

Welcome to my new blog home! I can almost guarantee I'll be changing up the format quite frequently. I was having a tough time settling on one design, one font, one color scheme when there are so many styles and colors and everything that I just love. For now, we'll settle on this one.

This week has been wild with both ups and downs.
  • Ups: Awesome Jr. High winter camp, 2 sweet days of recovery after said camp, beautiful Phoenix weather, scored 4 saaweeeeet vintage dresses while out thrifting, a phone chat with my momma, a phone chat with my Tashy, and a massage still waiting for me on Friday.
  • Downs: Totally out of nowhere, crappy sickness full of two days of, well, crap. And lots of it (over share? Sorry. The nurse in me doesn't care). I went back to work Wednesday after being off a while for camp but couldn't make it through morning report on my first patient without having to sit down due to nausea. I wanted to tough it out so I wouldn't have to go home and use PTO hours, but after a couple hours with no relief I succumbed to leave early for some R&R. Once home...crap. Even into the night I still wasn't feeling well so I had to call in sick for today, as well. At least I got to watch trashy TV on Netflix while Phill was working. Here's hoping for complete relief and a good weekend at work!
How has your week been so far? Phillip has recently informed me that it's snowing some more back home. Ahh, the Midwest. You should all come visit us and enjoy life in the Valley of the Sun. We could have a play date outdoors any day of the week!

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