Thursday, January 27, 2011

Might As Well Post It

How sweet is this pretty bird? I was thinking of incorporating the print into the blog layout but rather than shifting things around for the 3,828,739th time, I figured I would just post the little dear and give the fabulous artist the cred! I love birds. After seeing this pic I thought I'd search around for some other sweeties.
How cute are these guys?! Find them and more here.

I love this fabric from True Up. This would be cute on a little skirt, or maybe a scarf, or even child's clothing. 

Alright world. You're all probably thinking, "Why did she just write a post about birds?" Here's why: I'm a freak. I'm pretty quirky. Just love me and, well, deal   ;-) *ding

While I've been stuck inside during my bout of sickness, I've had the opportunity to find some pretty terrible trashy TV on Netflix. It's so awesome in it's terribleness. I had never heard of this show before, but apparently it's on E!

Have you heard of Pretty Wild? It's a reality show that primarily follows the lives of the 2 eldest sisters in the family, Tess and Alexis, who model and party like Hollywood elite way beyond their age all while behaving like girls several years younger. The whole time I was confused as to how old they really were so I broke down and researched to find out that Tess is 19 and Alexis is 18. Their youngest sister, Gabby, is the most normal one of the family with her lack of skank clothes, no nude or neglegie modeling, and public school. The mom may actually be the strangest one of all. She was once a model/Playmate and now she has 3 girls that she obviously forgot to raise. OH! The family is very new age. I'll never judge someone for their beliefs, but it's so interesting to see crazy wild lives on camera that, once in a while, is interrupted for a prayer to...something (someone?). It all seems rather contradictory. This is an excerpt from momma Andrea's spot on the E! website: "I am an energy healer and holistic health care practitioner with over 2000 hours of what most might consider crazy certifications in holistic and energy medicine." Yes, there is a dad. The poor guy just hardly gets any air time. He's smart. I have no idea what he does, but he's wise to make sure his face isn't on screen much.

Oh my. I just watched mom Andrea coach her daughter on sexy facial expressions all while taking naked pictures of her because "nobody has breasts like" Tess. H.O.L.Y. C.O.W.

Yes, you can judge me for continuing to watch. I don't know why I love this garbage, but my-oh-my I do.


  1. We are wayyy too much alike, with our trashy tv-watching & blog-browsing hobbies! :) I love the new blog, cute font!

  2. I have to say there are some trashy shows I watch too! Did you realize that on almost every episode of Kardashians one of the girls is making out with someone or going even further? Anyway, Love that you are expressing yourself through your own blog- It is pretty sweet! Oh...and you are a very lovely thing in my life!

    Love, Leslie