Friday, January 28, 2011

Hmmm yes...

I'm in a post-massage bliss.

Deeply happy.

Except when my stomach started rumbling towards the end of the massage.

But who cares? I had an awesome 1-hour massage.

Consider me pleased.

I'm also so happy to be wearing one of the cute vintage dresses I bought earlier this week!
I doubt the grand total cost of this outfit would exceed $25. I know the dress was $5 and from what memory I have left I believe the belt was thrifted for $1. The tights came from Walmart a while back so the probable cost is around $2-3. The necklace was bought for about $4-5 while antiquing, the cardigan was purchased on super sale at Elder-Beerman for $3, and the shoes came from Target on sale about a year ago for maybe $15. Alright, so maybe my math isn't the greatest, but those are some pretty rocking deals, huh???

I adore thrift shopping. It's a task I generally do alone (well, with all the rest of the elderly in Sun City, anyway) to find some absolutely beautiful used gems. I have the great luck of living near an unofficial retirement town. This means, lots of beautiful (and, of course, some NOT so beautiful) vintage finds! Yay!

Happy Friday, you lovely people!


  1. You make me smile!!!
    Heidi Smith :)

  2. You are a babe. I can't wait to visit you and thrift with you.