Monday, October 15, 2012

Special Thanks + Crazy Pregnant Lady

I love the number of dance parties that occur with this community of friends. Birthdays + wine (not me) + Gangnam style = best night ever

The best smile I could muster after a bit of a crazy day. More on that later.

Isn't Baby Oprie kinda cute already? This was for Phill since he's gone on tour.
Most importantly, I need to say THANK YOU. Thank you all for your congratulations, your continued prayers, your hugs, and your "pregnant!" chants (you know who you are). It's a little strange having this little secret of ours out in the open now, but it's a breath of fresh air, as well. One place I had not spilled the beans was at work. I was planning on waiting it out another week or so (particularly because {surprise!} I had a job interview today in the Family Birthing Center at MGH and don't know what will become of that), but......then today happened.

I hadn't even been at work for an hour this morning when I had a hunger pang. I had already eaten breakfast before work so I decided to wait it out for a bit since it was still so early. I was standing at the nurse desk sorting paperwork when I started seeing a little bit of darkness. It was getting fuzzy and dark and I knew it was going to be bad. "Can someone get me a chair?", I asked slowly. Right away, I couldn't see anything but blackness and my coworkers and supervisor were helping me to sit in a chair. Thankfully, I was able to sit before fully fainting. Once I sat and started to recover, everyone was remarking that I was looking pale and I felt beads of sweat on my face. Then, I started feeling quite ridiculous once they helped me over to a bed, took my blood sugar and blood pressure, and everything was appearing to be fine. Since I told them I was hungry they assumed this all happened due to low blood sugar. They were baffled, too, when I told them it had never happened before. When I over heard my supervisor guessing whether I had ever had seizures, I figured it was time to come clean. I said that even though this had never happened before, I was pretty sure I knew why it happened. They all had questioning looks on their faces, which quickly turned to surprise and total understanding once I explained I was nearly 12 weeks pregnant. I felt fine (albeit ceaselessly hungry) the rest of the day.

I drove straight to Marion after work for my interview. It went alright and now I just have to wait a bit for a call to set up a peer interview. My day was additionally screwy, though, once I got back into town and nearly had a really bad accident because I was being stupid. I ran a red light. Accidental, but blatant. When I was approaching the light I saw the car ahead of me turn right, but I didn't pay attention to the fact that he had stopped first. So, without paying near enough attention I proceeded into the intersection only to panic when I saw a red light above me. I put on the brakes right as an oncoming car braked rapidly as they were heading right for me. We did make contact, but it was light and very minimal damage was suffered. The other driver said not to even worry about anything so we both simply went our separate ways, but I surely felt a bit shaken up and embarrassed.

Whew! I'm pretty exhausted now, but I have my sweats on, a full meal in my belly, my puppy beside me, and I'm about to indulge in some delicious peppermint ice cream. I think I'm survive just fine.

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I am due with my first in January and it's definitely a very exciting but also scary thing to break the news to everyone. Following your blog..can't wait for more updates!