Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ostrich Festival


I meant to post this Sunday, then again on Monday and then a little thing called I HAD A CAR ACCIDENT ruined my best laid plans. 

Sheesh. I'm fine and car insurance has seriously saved us yet again, but damn...what a week ruiner amiright?!

But seriously guys. Saturday at the Ostrich Festival was perfection. We had no idea it was such a big deal! There were far more people there than we anticipated. So many rides and all the declicioso fair food! Between the four of us we enjoyed ostrich burgers (the other 3, obviously), the best garlic pretzel ever created, lemonade, beer, fried oreos, & a fried snickers. Then, we got some free pizza afterwards. Yay carbs! 

The best thing about the Ostrich Festival? OSTRICHES. It may be a strange reason to have a festival, but I'll support it. I got to watch ostriches race each other. While adults rode on them. Plus, there were camels! Mini horsies! A 1,500lb pig! (Which we did not pay $1 to look at).

Then, we watched kids chase emus. 
Then, Phill caught a free t-shirt for me. 
Then, I won myself a free Jamba Juice.
Then, we watched dogs leap into water. 
Then, we watched a monkey show.

Best day ever!

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