Friday, March 9, 2012

Family Staycation

Last week Phillip and I were fortunate to spend time with my Aunt Cathy, my brother, and my momma! We didn't really have anything planned other than planning to enjoy each others company. It was nice and relaxed.

We had dinner with my aunt when she arrived Saturday evening, grabbed Trey from the airport Tuesday, hit up Cheba Hut (of course), went on a beautiful run through the wash, ate loads of pizza, grabbed Mom from the airport Thursday, ate some more good food, played games while listening to David Bowie, went to the Desert Botanical Garden, said goodbye to Aunt Cathy Saturday morning, took a day trip to Sedona, dropped Trey off at the airport Sunday morning, went to church, took glorious naps, Velocity Sunday night, I got super sick all day Monday until I finally felt about 95% better by evening and we decided to dine with the old folk at Furr's. Lastly, I took my momma to the airport Tuesday morning and now it's back to normal life around here! I miss my family. :-( Here are some amazing pictures from our Sedona trip.

Poor guy.

Take 2. Sheesh.

It's so beautiful, it hardly seems real, right? I'm so blessed with my great family and the opportunity to see such beautiful creation in my lifetime.

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